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Marci Komssi
BY Marci Komssi

10 Food Allergy Friendly Products and Services to Try

I’ve been a food allergy mom for over thirteen years now, and each day I’m amazed by the increase in resources and products available for food allergy families. Thirteen years ago, nothing was labeled. There were one or two food allergy organizations, and their online resources were limited. Cookbooks were few and far between, and companies offering products to make life a little safer just didn’t exist.

Jump ahead to 2017, and there are so many helpful organizations and companies that have our kids’ best interest in mind. As an owner of a food allergy awareness business, I have had the opportunity to get to know my fellow “allergy-preneurs,” learn their stories, and try their products or services. There are so many great resources, it’s hard to choose just ten!

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to Try1. Kiss Freely: Allergy and Gluten-Free Cosmetics

People are often surprised that beauty products may contain allergens. Started by a fellow allergy mom whose child had a reaction to her lipstick, Kiss Freely offers products free of the top eight allergens and more. In our house, we all use and love their lip balm.

2. Free to Enjoy Baseball: Information on Peanut-Free Games

Living with peanut allergies and attending baseball games usually don’t mix (visualize those shells all over the stadium). Thanks to another food allergy mom and FoodAllergyBuzz blogger, you can now go to to find games that are entirely peanut-free or offer peanut-free seating. You and your family can attend local games or even plan a baseball road trip, minus the peanuts and CrackerJacks.

3. Food ASC: Allergy and Sensitivity Circle

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to TryWhether you’re new to food allergies or an old-timer like me, Food ASC is a great place to go for the latest products and resources. As they say on their website, “If you’re looking for a community that embraces the possibility of living a robust lifestyle that includes food allergies and sensitivities, look no further.”

4. Camps Kernwood and Evergreen: Food Allergy Friendly Summer Camp

10 Great Food Allergy Products and Services to TryLooking for a summer camp that can handle every food allergy and accepts campers from all over the world? Camps Kenwood and Evergreen, located in the New Hampshire mountains, have as their goal “to create the most welcoming, inclusive overnight camp community possible, and that includes during meals, snacks, or any other time that we eat food together. Our counselors know that inclusion is the key, so that everyone feels safe and valued.”

5. Tasterie: Allergy-Free Subscription Boxes

10 Great Food-Allergy Friendly Products and Services to TryTasterie is a company that “gets” food allergies and is one step ahead of many grocery stores. Let them know your allergies and they will customize a delicious treat box for you and deliver it monthly. Most products are full size, not tiny little samples. Their OMG Box is created specifically for families new to the world of food allergies.

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to Try6. Kyle Dine: The Food Allergy Rocker

If you have a young child living with food allergies, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the video Kyle Dine & Friends: Allergy Awareness with Songs, Puppets, and Games, made specifically for children ages 4-11. Your child will love Kyle’s songs that actually make food allergies fun. Pick up a copy for your local library or school too and help spread the word that “Food Allergies Rock!”

7. Keeley McGuire: Allergy Friendly Lunch Boxes

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to TryHave you run out of ideas for fun safe lunches for your little one? Fortunately, Keeley McGuire has a list of ideas that will last you the school year and beyond. Although Keeley is far more creative (and patient) than I am, her ideas are safe for most, delicious, and let’s face it, adorable.

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to Try8. Preschool Food Allergy Handbook

What happens when two food allergy experts, one a former special education teacher and the other an attorney, come together? They write a great book on food allergy management for preschools called Preschool Food Allergy Handbook. This book is not only helpful for schools but for parents sending their food-allergic child to school for the first time. Visit the authors at

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to Try9. AllergyEats App

Dining out with food allergies can be difficult. Thankfully, there’s an app for that! Download the AllergyEats app (from iTunes and Google Play), plug in your allergens, and magically you will be provided with a list of restaurants in your area that include reviews from other families with your same allergies! We don’t use it locally often, but when we travel, we use it for almost every meal.

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Resources to Try10. Food Allergy Organizations

10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to TryA list of food allergy resources wouldn’t be complete without FARE (Food Allergy Resource and Education,, FAACT (Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team, and 10 Great Allergy-Friendly Products and Services to TryAAFA (Asthma and Allergy  Foundation of America These are resources every allergy family relies on at some point in their journey. They are packed with useful information from local support groups and recipes to resources for educators and school nurses.

There you have it! One allergy mom’s top 10 list of products and resources. I also have to give a shout-out to my own company, Our goal is to raise awareness while helping to protect your child. Stop by and check out our unique and very handy products and use code Friendship for 20% off your entire order.

Marci Komssi

Written on May 15, 2017 by:

Marci Komssi holds an MBA in Organization Leadership and International Business from Johnson and Wales University. She is the former Director of Admissions for the Central Mass Campus of Bay Path University where she continues to teach leadership classes . After leaving the admissions office of BPU in 2011 she continued working with women as Program Manager for Dress for Success, Worcester where she assisted women with their interview skills, resume building, networking, career advancement and more. Currently, she owns her own food allergy awareness business called AllerWare. Over the past 12 years Marci has become a public advocate for the safety of children with serious allergies. After a lunch bag mix-up in 2nd grade landed her son in the hospital, she knew something had to change. She started the Central Massachusetts Parents of Children with Food Allergies Support Group and began talking with principals, nurses, and school superintendents to ensure that no other child would go through what her son did. Out of the support group came a resource guide for her local school system, which has since been adopted by several school systems around the country. The support group has also held Allergy Awareness events held at libraries and schools. Her personal mission is to raise awareness while protecting children from this invisible disability.