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BY jmietling

Fall Activity Guide

Fall Activity Guide

For those of us who live where the seasons change, fall offers a welcome break from the heat of summer. We admire the beauty of autumn leaves on the trees and enjoy the crunch underfoot when they plummet to earth. We savor the cooler temperature and the softer light.

No matter where you live, fall brings the fun of Halloween, the warm family time of Thanksgiving, and the resumption of the school-year routine. You might not celebrate the return of homework and early mornings, but there’s something reassuring about getting back down to business after the anything-goes days of summer.

The transition into fall isn’t smooth for everyone, though. Kids with special needs may find this to be a profoundly disruptive time of year. That change in temperature brings a change in clothing that can put a sensory-sensitive child on high alert. Changes in light may disrupt sleep patterns. Halloween masks and costumes, overdoses of sweets, and prolonged exposure to extended family can be more fraught than fun.

The articles collected here can help you and your family reclaim the fall with activities that use the special features of this time of year to your advantage. Big piles of leaves and pumpkins full of seeds can offer fun ways to strengthen sensory systems. The fall is a great time to focus on things like time-telling, sequencing, social skills, motor skills, and movement-filled indoor play.

With a little planning, you can make fall a time of delight instead of dread. The suggestions in this e-book—pulled from real-life experience by parents and therapists — will help.

Publish Date: 2017/10/02

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