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Top 5 Tips for Funding an Adaptive Bicycle

There are many types of adaptive bicycles that range in size and cost. Once an adaptive bicycle is chosen, along comes the next big hurdle. How am I going to pay for this?  There are many additional options to secure the funding to offset the cost of the desired adaptive bicycle. Below are a few resources that can help with funding a bicycle.

1. Medicaid Waiver Programs

Many times, an adaptive bicycle can be purchased through waiver programs. Each state is different in their coverage and the process for accessing waiver funds. Some states require a denial from the primary insurer first prior to covering with waiver funds, others require a physician’s prescription with a therapist’s letter of medical necessity and evaluation for the equipment. It is best to speak with your caseworker for specifics in your state on coverage.

2. Charitable Clubs

There are many organizations that can provide funding for an adaptive bike. Often the United Way can direct a family to organizations or people that are willing to help fund equipment for children. The local chapters of the Kiwanis, RotaryElks, and Lions Clubs also tend to donate money to families in need.

3. Grants

There are a number of grants available from organizations that focus on helping children with disabilities. Here are some links to organizations that may provide grants for adaptive bikes.

  1. United Health Care
  2. Variety Children’s Charity
  3. Special Kids Fund
  4. Disabled Children’s Relief Fund
  5. Children’s Charity Fund
  6. Wheel To Walk Foundation
  7. First Hand Foundation

4. Fundraising

Holding a benefit or fundraiser for a child is a great way to get the community to help out. Many times, the local media will also help to spread the word about the fundraiser or interview the family and child to help communicate the need for the equipment. One of the most efficient ways to fund raise for an adaptive bike is hold an online fundraiser through email and social networks. Consider using one of these platforms.

  1. indigogo
  2. Go Fund Me
  3. YouCaring

It is imperative that a family contact a special needs attorney prior to holding the fundraiser to establish a proper trust for the funds earned. If it is not set up properly, the money can be viewed as income for the child potentially making them ineligible for state health plans and waiver programs.

5. Registry

Tadpole Adaptive offers a unique service for funding adaptive equipment. As a company founded by both a health professional and a user of adaptive equipment; they truly understand how difficult it can be to fund all of the equipment that is wanted and needed. Because of this, they have created a registry which is similar to the wedding and baby registries we are all familiar with. A family will create a registry listing the equipment that is wanted, a short story or narrative about why it is important and the financial goal to purchase the equipment. Families can then spread the word about the registry and people are able to donate to the registry and towards purchasing the equipment.

This post was written by  Terri Oxender, OTR/L of If you need help finding the perfect adaptive bicycles or any other piece of adaptive equipment, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Disclosure: Tadpole Adaptive is one of the participants of the Great Bike Giveaway. Friendship Circle recently finished its annual Great Bike Giveaway which gave 29 adaptive bikes to individuals with special needs. For those who did not win make sure to you sign up  to receive updates about Great Bike Giveaway 2014.

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