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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

29 Winners in the The Great Bike Giveaway!

For the last three weeks Friendship Circle has been running the Great Bike Giveaway, a nationwide contest where children with special needs can win an adaptive bike.  Over 400 people entered the contest. Congratulations to the 29 winners of the Great Bike Giveaway!



William is a happy 6 year old boy who longs to ride with his 7 yo sister. He was born with Spastic Quad CP and then had a catastrophic stroke at 2.5. He now has very low trunk tone and needs full support to ride. Thank you for this chance!

Morgan Santangelo

Morgan is a 7 yr old triplet who has Spastic Diplegia CP & Cortical Visual Impairment. Morgan is always trying to keep up with her other 2 sisters & older brother. She asks constantly when she will have a bike to ride so she can join them.

Dallas J Henderson

Dallas is a 13 yr old boy who has NF1 amongst other things. For is 11th birthday he received a tracheotomy after a very bad dentist appointment, we would love for him to have some freedom back as he is now dependant on an attendant at all times.

Meliq Shadley

Meliq is a vibrant,happy 6 year old who loves people ans smiling! He has had a trying past starting at 6 weeks old, but 6 years later he’s still here and progressing well. Ladies and gents here is our miracle on wheels Meliq, Keep Smiling!


Jon Paul

Jon Paul is blind and has a global developmental delay, but that doesn’t slow him down! He’s an active 5 year old who plays adaptive sports. A buddy bike would be the perfect way for him to enjoy biking with his big sister and family!

Audrey HuddlestunAudrey Huddlestun

I am a 9 year old with Down Syndrome that loves to be outside! I have worked very hard to learn to petal a bike, but steering and breaking are too hard! This bike would help me ride with my brother and sister and my mom would get to ride too!

Jon Miles Wendling

Born @ 1lb 8oz. Jon is non verbal , has autism &cerebral palsy A happy kid when he is not sitting at the front window sadly looking out at the kids riding their bikes. His muscle tone does not let him ride a bike. please vote for him and others!

abby levineAbbie Levine

Abbie is a sweet, amazing 11 y/o girl. We are so blessed to have her here w/ us. She was born healthy, but got really sick a few years ago. She received a Heart AND Kidney Transplant and lost her right leg. This bike is just what she needs! Thnx.

kendalKendall Mulvihill

Kendall was a 1½ lb preemie and has cerebral palsy. Our favorite activity were bike rides along the beach. As he grew out of his WeeRide seat, it became too difficult and dangerous to ride any other way. Now 12, we pray to regain our family fun.

Grayson Hicks

Grayson is an amazing seven year old boy that happens to have Down syndrome. Grayson loves playing outside. We have tried many different bicycles with him, but because of his body type and lower muscle tone, none have worked.


Victoria Paige Webb

Victoria 12 with Down syndrome. Currently she is overweight at 137 lbs even on a low-fat diet. The Flaghouse will help her lose weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She wants to be able to ride with her sister and get the exercise she needs.

Anna Fix

Anna is 13 yr old little girl who longs to ride bikes with her 14 yr old sister, but do to her Mitochondrial Disease and rare form Epilepsy she is unable to ride a conventional bike. Having a special bike would definitely allow her to accomplish it.

Foster Stetts

Foster is our incredible 10 yo. He was born with severe hypotonia & autism. His lack of muscle tone, balance & coordination have led to many falls & broken bones, & made it hard to play sports. He would love to be able to ride bikes with his family.

Rachel Weigle

Rachel is a 17 year old with CP. She had a trike when she was younger and loved to ride it. She outgrew it and had a spinal fusion so she needs something more adapted to her needs. She needs exercise to prevent weight gain.

Maureen Reyes

Maureen suffered 2 brain hemorrhages just over 2 years ago as the result of an AVM in her mid- brain leaving her with many limitations; including the ability to walk or ride a regular bike. This bike will allow her to do something she enjoy.


Megan Greshem

Megan is an 11 year old with a heart of gold. She was diagnosed with Heriditary Spastic Paresis. This disease causes her to be weak in the lower extremities, causing frequent falls. She is unable to ride a regular bike and feels left out.


David Borgol

David is 10 years happy. He has Down Syndrome, a congenital heart disease, low muscle tone and lack of coordination skills but that does not stop him from wanting to keep up with his peers. Please give him the opportunity to be like any other child.


Dylan just turned ten this week and is diagnosed with autism. He is about to move to town where he would be able to ride the bike at the park and on the school grounds. He had a trike when he was younger, but has outgrown it.

Kayli Whistler

Kayli is surviving a life threatening, Trisomy 18 syndrome. She has overcome 32 min. of death, a perforated bowel, a misplaced Gtube, and a nursing accident resulting in a trach. Kayli is gaining major motor skills, and challenging the impossible!


Casey had an adaptive bike when she was younger but outgrew it. We later donated to an org. with children with special needs similar to hers. Free wheeling in the driveway is her way of getting around for fun. A new bike would be an awesome gift!

charles judd nashCharles Judd Nash

Judd is 5 and has Cerebral Palsy.Typical trikes are too small and he can’t keep his feet on the pedals. The Rifton Adaptive Tricycle would be perfect for him. Riding would be therapeutic for his muscles and would be so much fun! Please help him win!

Jack Levesque

Jack is three years old and he has a rare illness that encompasses many conditions. We would love this bike for our hero. He is brave and strong! He has had over 35 surgeries and keeps on smiling! Jack Jack is our hero! Thank you.


Hailee Warren

Hailee was born with Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele). She is 6 years old and wants to ride a bike so much. She wears KFOs when she walks with her walker. I think this trike would help her so much and give her much needed independence.

Abigail Reyes

Abigail is an amazing strong 4 1/2 year old, who has left hemiplagia due to a massive stroke she suffered from last year. She would love to join not only her brother for a bike ride but also her classmates on bike days at school.

Director’s Choice

Tadpole Adaptive

ashleyAshley Palodichuk

Ashley is a sweet eighteen year old that enjoys spending time with her family. She has recently lost 38lbs. Receiving an adaptive bicycle would not only provide her with freedom and enjoyment but a healthy lifestyle as well. Please help Ashley!


Carlo is a giggly, happy 4 year old who was born in Haiti. We were blessed to adopt him into our family in July 2011! He is legally blind and autistic, but making remarkable progress. He LOVES any kind of movement and so this bike is perfect!

Zachary Rice

Zachary is 17 years old and loves to be on the go! Zach has Ring 22 Syndrome and Autism. We are always looking for things to do as a family and this bike would be a wonderful way for us to have some heart healthy family fun together!

Mya VanPelt

Mya was born a micropreemie at 1lb 2ozs. She is an amazing, loving and wonderful little girl. She has had to fight to achieve all of her goals every single day of her life. This bike would allow her to feel like she is included with her peers!

Nicolas Selz

Nick is 9 years old & a special child. He has Hydrocephalus, seizures & CP. Nick loves bikes & would love nothing more to have one that he could ride. Your bike, in no uncertain terms, would give him a childhood that he hasn’t had the luxury of yet.


Tzvi Schectman

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Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+

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