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BY Sara

A New Direction for Autism

Social media has been a game changer for artists, bloggers, poets, whiz kids and film makers in the ASD community. Leaders like Carly Fleischmann, Paul Siebenthal, and Kerry Magro have found their voice and it’s given them ability to reach so many parents, kids, educators and professionals living and working with awesome kids on the autism spectrum.

There have always been differences of opinion and experiences when it comes to therapy. This has led to important discussions and controversy, but the connecting theme throughout the community is art.

Art is the great connector.

The talent coming out of the ASD community has gained momentum and it’s bringing us all closer so that we can move forward together. Self-advocates are blazing the trail so that a new generation of kids will have that opportunity to find their thing.

Here are two new spectacular self-advocates you may not know about:

Jordan Hilkowitz

Doctor Mad Science

Doctor Mad Science (also known as Jordan!) has lit up You Tube with his home made science experiments. He may only be 10 years old, but he’s a bit of a celebrity in these parts! His videos our regularly featured in our Squagpads and lending his science smarts to our blog! Check out his website and watch his science experiments on YouTube.

Anabelle ListicAnabelle Listic

Anabelle Listic is a super-talented (and lovely to boot!) 27 year-old photographer living is Seattle. We’re thrilled to feature her photographs in our Squagpads and also to have her mentoring parents and kids through the Ask Anabelle section of our blog (coming soon!) Check out her creative work at her website

Thanks to the Art Of Autism, we’re able to keep our Squagpads bursting with art from professional artists on the spectrum from all over the world.

It’s an exciting new direction the collective ASD community is taking. And the future is bright.

Do you know a rising star in the ASD community? Share it in the comments below.

Top Photo Credit:  KangHee Rhee3333

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Written on July 31, 2012 by:

Sara Winter is a mom of two boys and the founder of a recreational application for kids with autism to connect with one another.

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