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BY Annie

14 Special Needs News Stories and Blog Posts from the past week

Special Needs News and BlogsEvery Sunday, we select the week’s big special needs stories and great blog posts from special needs bloggers.

This week, we bring you six news stories, five blog posts, and what you may have missed from this week’s Friendship Circle blog. Special Needs News

NPR: Shortage Of ADHD Drugs Has Parents, Doctors Scrambling

An untold number of children and adults with ADHD have to cope with the scarcity of required prescription drugs, some having to call 10 to 15 pharmacies to find the correct dosage. ADHD is not the only condition with a shortage of prescription drugs; according to this article, “Many medications are increasingly in shortage, leading President Obama to issue an executive order on Oct. 31 to help unsnarl the supplies.”

NY1: Doctors Push For Fathers To Become Involved With Their Autistic Children’s Care

Autism now affects one in 100 American children and one in 70 boys, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Given the rise in the disorder and the more research being conducted about it, experts say that both parents need to be engaged in caring for their children with special needs, not just mothers. Israel Health Ministry: Use of ADHD drugs soars by 76% in 2010

Israel Health Ministry figures show that use of Ritalin and Concerta, ADHD drugs, increased by 76 percent in 2010. This is the largest increase since surveillance on ADHD drug marketing in Israel began in 1993.

Disability Scoop: Lawmakers Call For Increased Scrutiny Of Disability Payments

A letter lawmakers sent to the Government Accountability Office last week expressed concern about the current Social Security system after recent reports of abuse regarding clients with disabilities. As a result, 14 members of Congress are seeking an investigation into Social Security’s “oversight of those who manage benefits on behalf of some people with disabilities.”

TNT Magazine: Jimmy Carr blasted for Downs Syndrome jokes

Comedian Jimmy Carr made fun of Variety Club’s Sunshine Vans and the children they benefit, causing an uproar from groups supporting rights for people with disabilities. Despite this response, Carr said that comedy has no taboo areas and all subjects are “up for grabs.” He added, “But people are allowed to be offended as well. It’s fine to be offended. Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right. Just because you’re the comedian doesn’t mean you’re right.”

Special Needs Blog


Hopeful Parents: The Thankful List of This Special Needs Parent

This blog post contains a list of thing this parent is thankful for–the list is not “about the grand lessons about life and loving and they aren’t about patience and stamina,” but includes things you don’t think you’ll someday appreciate.

Stuart Duncan: Please be careful what you take away from news or other media sources

There have been various articles about intelligent parents being more likely to have children with autism. Stuart Duncan analyzes these studies and articles and discusses any questions readers and parents should ask.

Different Dream: Special Needs and Military Moms

Author Jocelyn Green’s latest devotional book, Faith Deployed…Again provides support for military wives, including wives who have children with special needs. This blog post has an interview with Jocelyn about the needs military wives experience, especially with children with special needs. Family gathering survival kit

Do family gatherings get you down? Do you happen to have a gas mask lying around? We know Thanksgiving’s over, but here are some (for the most part) everyday items that will help you survive your next family get-together.

Love That Max: Appreciating the services our kids get: a guest post

This post is by guest blogger Jane Schultz, Ed.D., who writes Grown Man Now. Her son, Billy, was born in 1956 and diagnosed with Downs syndrome. She describes the challenges of raising a child with special needs during that era, and how her family overcame it.

Autisable: Breaking Autism Barriers With Technology

When children, teens, and adult with special needs communicate using an iPad, people see this as a way for them to “break through the barriers of Autism.” But this author argues that it’s a way for parents, teachers, and friends to break their own barriers of autism. Skills that a child has and exposes through using an iPad or similar technology were always there—we just didn’t have a way to ask them about it and get a response.

From the Friendship Circle Blog

A Week in the life of a Special Needs Parent

When Jennifer was asked to submit a post to the Friendship Circle Blog, but the life of a parent with a child with special needs—religion class, speech class, helping with school projects—kept her from writing one. Her crazy week, however, developed into this blog post.

10 Great Special Education Resources on Twitter

Looking for new people and organizations to follow on Twitter? Check out these 10 special education resources.

11 Math & Reading Websites to help your child keep up in school

Check out these math and reading websites, which help your child learn through additional practice, games, and interactive lessons.

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Annie is currently a junior journalism major at Michigan State University. She is an associate editor for ing Magazine, a student-run magazine on campus, and manages ing's Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Annie has spent her last three summers at camp working with children who have special needs. When she is not on Twitter or blogging, she likes to dance, swim, and read as many books as humanly possible.

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