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BY Bassie

A Freeze (Flash Mob) for Friendship

Freeze For FriendshipFlash Mob (noun) (fuh-lash muh-aab)

1. A choreographed stunt where hundreds of participants simultaneously freeze in a public space at a pre-arranged time.

On August 18th, one thousand Friendship Circle supporters will perform the largest flash-mob freeze in recorded American history! In the middle of Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan shoppers will freeze at the exact same moment. For five minutes, there will be no moving, no texting, no drinking and no talking. So why are we freezing? Well…why not! It’s our creative approach to promoting our upcoming fundraiser, Walk4Friendship.

Parents- You do not want to miss this opportunity for your children to be completely still and silent for an entire five minutes!

Teens- You do not want to miss this opportunity to become a YouTube sensation by showcasing your outstanding freeze-abilities.

Kids- You do not want to miss this opportunity to pull a prank on strangers and NOT get in trouble!

To register for Freeze4Friendship, please visit

To get you ready  for the biggest freeze in the U.S. here are three of our favorite flash mobs. Enjoy!

Friendship Circle freeze  at The Detroit Piston’s Game

Improv Everywhere at Grand Central Station

World’s Biggest Flash Mob – Paris


Written on August 4, 2010 by:

Bassie Shemtov founded Friendship Circle together with her husband Levi. Bassie is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of children with special needs while providing relief to their families and empowering teen volunteers.

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