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7 Fantastic Websites for Teaching Curriculum to Students with Disabilities

Are you looking for ways to teach curriculum to your child? Do you want to reinforce skills that your child is learning at school? Check out these 7 websites that will keep kids engaged while acquiring valuable skills and knowledge. These sites offer video instruction, printable worksheets, online games, and more to teach concepts from grades K-12. Useful for teaching old and new skills that are covered in the Common Core curriculum, the websites are easy to access and user friendly. While most have free resources, some require a membership for premium content. It’s also good to note that many of the websites listed are used daily by teachers themselves.   If you use any sites that are not listed here, don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below! Here are the websites (in no particular order):  
  1. Teachers Pay Teachers – educators and parents use this popular site to teach and supplement the curriculum. Lesson plans, worksheets, and teaching tips are available for free and for sale.
  1. Engage NY - created and maintained by the New York State Education Department, this site has a wealth of resources for supplementing the curriculum. While designed for the New York State education system, the lessons are aligned with Common Core standards. It offers curriculum maps, video lessons, test guides, professional development, and a huge bank of resources for parents.
  1. IXL – an interactive, online resource that covers provides detailed explanations to concepts. IXL’s approach to learning makes lessons personalized to your child’s strengths and ability level. In addition, it keeps track of student progression through lessons, providing rewards for accomplishing personal benchmarks.
  1. Reading A-Z – an extensive resource to supplement any reading program, this site provides lessons that span 29 different levels of reading. Printable and projectable books take learning offline and help students develop skills that are aligned with curriculum standards. Poems, flashcards, graphic organizers, and worksheets give students the practice they need to improve their reading skills.
  1. - hundreds of printable worksheets on Edhelper reinforce skills in all subject areas from kindergarten to twelfth grade. In addition, printable workbooks, games, and puzzles make learning fun. Lessons are also grouped into themes as well as subjects, such as the solar system and the human body.
  1. – more than just a site with printable resources and worksheets, provides learning through videos, songs, stories, and activities. There are also suggestions for arts and crafts as well as recipes.
  1. Khan Academy – this well-established resource has provided free educational resources from kindergarten to college level classes. With a focus on math, science, and computing, numerous videos provide direct instruction to facilitate understanding of each topic.

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Nicole Eredics