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8 Favorite Special Education Websites for Teachers and Parents

Today is National Teacher Day, and you may be sending kids to school with gifts for their favorite teachers. But another way to better appreciate teachers and what they do is to read some of the resources they use to help them do their jobs better. The following websites about educating students with special needs are of interest to both teachers and parents. They give information about special education law and interventions; classroom tips and strategies for teaching students in special education; and adapting and modifying material for learners in special education. These are all current sites with up-to-date teaching methods. Check them out to get a better appreciation of what special education teachers deal with and do, and maybe pick up some ideas that you can use too.

1. Adapting for Autism

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "About" page: "I want to share resources, materials and tips for working with children with autism. Kids with autism are my passion. I hope to bring you easy to implement ideas that can transform your classroom and give you tools to help your students reach their potential. Communication deficits and behavior challenges don’t have to derail your teaching and your students’ learning." Categories: Adapted Book | Art Projects | Behavior Management | Community Trips | DIY | Visual Supports | Work Tasks

2. Glenda’s Assistive Technology

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: Mission: "The mission of this blog is to serve as a voice of a constant researcher in the field of educational and assistive technologies so that the best products, strategies and services may be located easily, in hopes that they will then be delivered, taught and used to better the lives of people with disabilities." Categories: AAC | Accessibility | AT | Math | Reading | Switches | Tablets | Teaching and Technology | UDL | Visual Supports | Writing Follow on social media: Pinterest

3. Intervention Central

Favorite Special Education Blogs for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "Contact" page: "... a popular website with free intervention and assessment resources for educators in grades K-12. With many school districts across the nation now facing serious budget constraints, [the] goal is to make Intervention Central the top website for high quality RTI resources available at no cost—including articles on effective academic and behavioral intervention practices and interactive tools to create assessment and other materials." Categories: Academic Interventions | Behavior Interventions | Videos | Products | Workshops | CBM/Downloads | Blog

4. Newsela

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "About" page: "Each Newsela text is offered at multiple tiers, for every student, no matter their level. That’s huge. Now students can study the same content and learn at their own pace—while teachers save time and headaches. It’s the definition of working smarter." News categories: Money | Kids | Science | Law | Health | Arts | Sports | Opinion Follow on social media: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

5. Scaffolded Math and Science

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "About" page: "After teaching mainstream math and biology for 8 years, I got a job teaching special education algebra 2 and consumer math in a high school outside Boston. Soon after came a certification to teach students with moderate disabilities and a realization that teaching math to kids who are afraid of math is what I live to do. Every activity I make, every lesson I plan first asks, 'Will this work for tough kids?'" Follow on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

6. Special Needs Book Review

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "About" page: "We aim to provide parents and educators of special needs children an invaluable resource where they can read, search, comment and buy books that can directly benefit them and others." Categories: ADHD | Autism/Aspergers | BullyingDevelopmental Issues | Down Syndrome | Educational | Learning Disabilities | Nutrition | Mental Health | Sensory Issues | Special Needs Children | Special Needs Teens | Other Disabilities Follow on social media: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

7. The Therapeutic Teacher

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the "About" page: "The Therapeutic Teacher was created to provide early childhood teachers with resources and interventions that are evidence-based, structured, and engaging. As a former teacher, I understand the challenges teachers face and do my best to create resources that will help teachers overcome those barriers. I implement what I have learned as a student in school psychology into my resources so teachers can utilize the most up-to-date, proven to work academic and behavioral interventions. The Therapeutic Teacher is a place for teachers to collaborate with other teachers and school psychologists and learn how to make the best decisions for children in the classroom." Categories: ConsultationFree Resources | The Blog | Shop Resources | Join the Group Follow on social media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

8. Wrightslaw

Favorite Special Education Sites for Teachers and Parents Find it at: From the home page: "Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Begin your search in the Advocacy Libraries and Law Libraries. You will find thousands of articles, cases, and resources about dozens of topics." Follow on social media: Twitter | FacebookYouTube

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Nicole Eredics