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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

You Can Help a Child With Special Needs Get an Adaptive Bike through the Great Bike Giveaway

The 6th Annual Great Bike Giveaway has been gathering registrations over the past two weeks of children with special needs who need adaptive bikes. February 15 marks the day when donors who want to make those dreams come true can get to work. With this year’s crowdfunding approach to the annual bike giveaway, you can donate directly to a child or children instead of just vote, so that in the end, everyone who reaches the funding goal is a winner.

Looking at the photos and messages posted by families should be enough to motivate you to donate, but if you need more evidence of how exciting and life-changing an adaptive bike can be, read these testimonials from the parents of 2016 winners. Take the opportunity today to bring the same happiness to this year’s participants. The 2017 Great Bike Giveaway ends at noon on March 15.


Thank you so much for the beautiful bike that you have blessed Janelle with. She really enjoys riding it and it has given her a lot of freedom! She feels like a big kid now. She loves to ride her bike around the neighborhood and to the park. … Your generosity has changed a life for the better! May you continue to be blessed and bless others through this program!


Great Bike Giveaway Winner: ReaganWe are incredibly grateful for Reagan’s bike. We’ve always pulled her in a wagon on the greenway by our house and dreamed of having a bike we could push her on. Reagan is 6 1/2 yrs old and is affected by autism and sensory processing disorder, making it very difficult for her to ride a typical bike. She was a little frightened at first when we sat her on the bike but her daddy pushed her to the ice cream shop on it and now she LOVES it! We are keeping it in our living room to make sure we take great care of it, and she even sits on it and wants to be buckled in inside the house. There is nothing greater than getting to watch your child be able to ride alongside typical peers at the park.


Great Bike Giveaway: Joshua

Joshua has Down syndrome and sometimes it takes coaxing to get him to do things for the first time, but the bike was an exception. He was a trooper and sat still, held on, and enjoyed the ride. We are forever grateful for the Great Bike Giveaway. We would not have gambled on such an expensive bike ourselves. Winning a bike was truly a blessing!


Great Bike Giveaway: TrentonReceiving a bike through the Great Bike Giveaway was beyond amazing. We have no words to show our appreciation. We are so gratefully ecstatic. Our son will be using this bike for many years through adulthood, plus it gets the entire family out and about. We just do not have the right words to say other than thank you thank you thank you thank you. Every time our son gets in his bike he wants to go very fast and he’s full of smiles. Everyone looks at us and smiles back at us, and people are telling us how wonderful that is, so this has touched many people’s lives not just ours


Great Bike Giveaway: Alex

Alex was so excited to receive his Mobo trike from Great Bike Giveaway! Alex is a very adventurous little boy who loves exploring and the outdoors. Diagnosed with autism at age 4, he has had a lot of difficulty with the balance and coordination he needs to ride a bike. We have always been a bike-mobile family, and it has been harder to include Alex after he outgrew the bike trailer, and his pedal car is heavy and slow, which makes it hard for him ride far or keep up with anyone who’s not on foot. His new Mobo is much lighter and quicker. He had it mastered before he got to the end of the driveway, and he has been darting all over the neighborhood. … He was so excited to hear that he had won one of the bikes in this year’s Giveaway. The staff at Mobo was excited to hear from him, and even let him pick out his favorite color, blue! Alex read all the instructions himself, and even helped assemble it when it arrived. He loves his new bike, and wants to ride it all the time. Thank you all for bringing so much enjoyment to this little boy!


Great Bike Giveaway: ScottScott laughed and laughed when we got him on the bike. He started trying to pedal before we were even finished getting him set up. He absolutely loves his new bike, and he is fast! Scott’s grandma said never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would see Scott ride a bike. Thank you!


Abram absolutely loves his new bike. It’s the first thing he goes to every time we go outside. He can’t pedal on his own yet but he loves being pushed around and clapping and laughing as we go around. We couldn’t be more thankful for this bike and all of the new experiences it has brought for him.


Great Bike Giveaway: AshurWe have previously used a Rifton trike for therapy with Ashur. He loved being on the trike and begged for one. Unfortunately the cost was too high for our family to afford. … We were shocked beyond belief when my son won his lime green (his favorite color) Rifton tricycle. Ashur has several diagnoses including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. We have tried in the past to use a typical tricycle, but all attempts were failures. The first time our wonderful PT put him on a Rifton tricycle, his face lit up and he was ear-to-ear smiles. For our family, an adaptive bike allows Ashur to have a new level of mobility and the ability to play with his sister and friends who love to ride bikes. This tricycle will allow Ashur to gain much needed muscle strength in his trunk and legs so that he can continue to increase his ability to walk steadier and farther. For our family, this tricycle is a blessing beyond words and allows my son to be just a normal 6-year-old with his friends instead of sitting on the side while they all play.


Great Bike Giveaway: Maikaila

How can one put into words the excitement and gratitude that they feel when their child receives such a generous and precious gift? We are so thankful to be able to help Maikaila ride a bike that is safe for her. I am beyond excited every time she gets on the bike and starts pedaling her little heart out. She of course loves going backwards, especially when we want her to go forward. I had entered the giveaway before and we did not receive a bike but I waited a few years and tried again. Thank you for this amazing gift and for the happiness we will have for years to come.


Great Bike Giveaway: HannahI didn’t believe it was real until I saw the truck in front of my house and the driver took the pallet off and we took the bike out. I brought the bike into the house and parked it in the kitchen. Hannah saw it and crawled over to it and just looked at it on her knees. She knew it was for her. Even though she doesn’t speak, I could tell she knew. We cruised around for a while in the house then went outside, put some music on for her, and off she goes. I am still in shock that Hannah won this but man did you make my little girl happy. This is the coolest thing ever.


Great Bike Giveaway: Kaylie

We are so thankful and blessed to have received this bike! We’ve gone on two twenty-minute bike rides just in the two days we have had it! Kaylie loves it! The smiles and laughter are so thrilling! It’s the perfect bike for us, I feel like we are part of the rest of the riding world now. Lots of thumbs up and compliments from our neighbors, friends, and the people we ride past! Thank you for helping to make a dream come true for our family!


Great Bike Giveaway: AnnabelleAnnabelle got her bike yesterday and loved it! She rode it all around the neighborhood and showed all her friends. They all thought it was pretty cool. You could see the happiness, freedom, and excitement on her face. Thank you for this amazing gift.


Great Bike Giveaway: Megan

Due to her special needs and physical limitations, Megan has been unable to really get out into the community and nature since she outgrew the bike trailer several years ago. By winning this bike, several opportunities have opened themselves up to her! She can get out into nature again without being confined to the yard, something she has always enjoyed. We received the bike yesterday, and already she is working the pedals, following instructions to turn the handlebars, and ringing the bell to let people know she is coming! We are so excited for her, and appreciative of the Great Bike Giveaway, for giving us an opportunity we never would have had otherwise.


Great Bike Giveaway: GilWords cannot express how grateful we are that Gilly won a trike. He is a very happy boy and is even happier now that he can participate in bike rides with his friends. Seeing him on the trike for the first time and him starting to pedal on his own after only a couple laps brought tears of joy to my eyes. This has given him so much independence and freedom. We are blessed for the opportunity and excited for our future park trips!


We received the buddy bike that Finley won in the giveaway. We have entered every year and are so happy we finally won. We actually have two sons with special needs so this bike benefits them both. We tried it out for the first time yesterday and the boys loved riding with dad! Dad loved chatting about their day while enjoying the cool evening ride. … The family will be enjoying the trails in our neighborhood soon thanks to Buddy Bike, the donors, Friendship Circle and everyone involved. Bless you all! P.S. The kid in pink is Finley.

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Tzvi Schectman

Written on February 15, 2017 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+

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