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10 Great DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorials

For kids with high energy levels or sensory processing issues, a weighted blanket can mean the difference between a poor night's sleep and having your child soothed into a great night's sleep. Many children and families have benefited from the use of a weighted blanket in their home. But, weighted blankets can be costly, so we've rounded up 10 DIY Weighted Blanket tutorials for those of you who are A) an experienced sewer, or B) have no sewing experience at all!

Why Weighted Blankets?

According to an article on Forbes, the weight in a weighted blanket "causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that improve moods and induce a calming effect." The blanket works to use it's weight to calm your child. "Children with excessively high energy levels find these blankets or weighted lap pads soothing for bedtime or throughout the day. They can bring one to school for quiet times. They can wrap them around their shoulders or whole body, or place them on their lap during desk work and reading times for the extra calming deep pressure input their bodies crave," Sensory Processing Disorder.

How Much Should Your Blanket Weigh?

It's recommended that you defer to your occupational therapist for their recommendation of weight for your child and their specific size and needs. If you do not have an Occupational therapist to consult with, SensaCalm (a company that makes weighted blankets) recommends using the following formula: For a small blanket take 10% of their body weight plus one pound. For a medium blanket take 10% of their body weight plus two pounds. For an adult-length blanket take 10% of their body weight plus three pounds. 

10 Great DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorials:

Ready to start planning to make your weighted blanket? Here are 10 great tutorials to reference! If you try out one of these tutorials, be sure to come back and let us know what your experience was! Or, if you have a different tutorial you'd like to recommend, please leave it in the comments below! 1 | Weighted Blanket Tutorial | The Mommyhood Life Want to create your own weighted blanket? This post has an easy tutorial using Poly-Fil and an an adorable dinosaur fabric, it even has a fun fringe detailing as well! 2 | How to Make a Sensory-Friendly Weighted Blanket | Mama Smiles This weighted blanket tutorial gives tips for sewing machines, materials to use, and tips for making blankets using other fabrics. Plus, get a free pattern to use to construct your own weighted blanket! 3 | DIY Weighted Blanket | I Love My Kids This tutorial gives tips for making your own weighted blanket, best materials to use, and a plan for getting started. The project time for this blanket is around two hours which makes this a fairly fast project that's perfect for the weekend! 4 | How to Make a Weighted Tie Blanket (that's machine washable!) | Parenting Chaos This weighted blanket tutorial is a little bit different than the rest, it uses fleece as the main fabric and a technique of creating weighted squares and sewing those onto the inside of the blanket. It's a tie blanket so there is an element of fringe added which makes construction of the outer edges of the blanket as easy as tying a knot! 5 | Sew a Weighted Blanket for Children with Sensory Disorders | Nancy Zieman This post shares a little bit about Project Linus, provides free instructions for creating a weighted blanket, and even utilizes velcro for stuffing of the blanket. The tutorial even shows how you can utilize sheets to fill and weigh the blanket down as opposed to using Poly-Fil. 6 | Calming the Senses with Weighted Blankets | Craft Nectar This is a great tutorial for making a weighted blanket and it also provides ways to get your little one involved in the process. The post provides a free, downloadable pattern as well for a visual layout of the whole process. 7 | No-Sew Weighted Blanket Using Rice | Jest_Tu_Positive This is a great tutorial for those who wish to use rice as a weight instead of the Poly-Fil. It is also completely no-sew which makes this a quick and easy project to whip up in just minutes! Check out the full tutorial to see how it's made! 8 | DIY Tie Weighted Blanket (using stones!) | The GFCF Lady This weighted blanket is made using a pre-made blanket kit and if you can believe it, river rocks! This is the only weighted blanket tutorial we came across that uses stones and a pre-made kit so this tutorial is perfect for someone who has no sewing experience and wants something quick and easy. 9 | Homemade Adjustable,Washable, Weighted Blanket | Autism: Understanding the Puzzle This tutorial is great because the blankets are washable and adjustable. The blanket uses a series of snaps and velcro and the weighted packs can be removed for easy washing. 10 | Patchwork Weighted Blanket Tutorial (with video!) | Sew in Love {with Fabric} This post has an amazing tutorial for making an adorable patchwork weighted blanket, and even provides a video for those who are visual learners. Be sure to check out the tutorial for this fun, colorful, weighted blanket!

Does YOUR child benefit from using a weighted blanket?

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