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Ahren Hoffman

8 Great Games to Get Children with Special Needs Active & Moving

We love any game that will “active8” and motivate kids to get up and get movin’! Toys are great for many reasons, but namely because they are: fun! The fun factor will get kids up and about without them realizing that it’s exercise. To them, these toys and games will just be another entertaining activity. Getting kids active while they are young can ensure a healthy childhood, which can lead to a fit and healthy adulthood. There are many benefits to an active lifestyle—movement can be so marvelous because it:
  • Staves off obesity
  • Encourages balanced energy levels
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports emotional well being
A good toy can have kids running, jumping, hopping, and screaming (for joy) all in a single game! Introducing the “Active 8”: Eight toys that can keep kids active and happy:

1. Hasbro Cranium Hullabaloo

hasbro hullabaloo Cranium Hullabaloo keeps kids’ minds and bodies moving as they bounce, spin, jump and do a funky dance from pad to pad. The gameplay and setup is really easy, letting kids get into the game quickly!

2. Fitivities

fitvities Fitivities is a new and award winning board game that has physical activity as a major pillar of gameplay! With the game recommended for ages 6+, kids and adults of almost every age can enjoy.

3. Twister

twister This classic game of Twister will have kids bending over backwards in giggles as they attempt to finagle their limbs without falling over! Having been around for ages, it is a game all generations can love.

4. Endless Games Crazy Legs

endless games crazy legs Endless Games Crazy Legs is “The Action Game.” Each space represents a new physical challenge as children move their bodies and their pieces towards victory.

5. Thinkfun Move & Groove

thinkfun move and groove The activities in Thinkfun Move & Groove are determined by the roll of a dice! The simplicity makes this one perfect for younger ones, and the activities help target specific abilities like balance and coordination.

6. Wonder Forge Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game

wonder forge cat in the hat Wonder Forge Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game on a board, is sure to be fun, none will the bored, from the start till it’s won! The magic of Dr. Seuss comes alive in this active game that promotes self-esteem, physical fitness, and literacy through the variety of challenges in the game.

7. Super Duper Publications Yogarilla

yogarilla A game that gets kids wanting to do yoga? Kids are fascinated by Otis the gorilla in Yogarilla! The poses and activities in Super Duper Publications Yogarilla can help keep kids active, limber and healthy!

8. Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic Wand/Magic Moves Jammin’ Gym

magic moves electronic wand magic moves jammin gym Both of these handheld toys use commands to prompt kids into song, dance and fitness activities that they can’t get enough of! With several settings, the Magic Moves wands are perfect to be used individually or with a group of friends. Let these eight ideas be an example of ways to inspire kids to “active8” their energy and inspire movement through games! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that at least one hour of active play per day is essential to health in children and adults, so get movin’!

WRITTEN ON February 08, 2016 BY:

Ahren Hoffman

Ahren Hoffman IS the manager of Industry Relations and Partnerships for the National Lekotek Center. Lekotek, is a not-for-profit and leading authority on toys and play for children with disabilities. Lekotek is dedicated to providing children of all abilities access to the benefits of play experiences. Visit for a complete listing of toys. You can also find them onFacebook