8 Online Stores To Purchase Sensory Friendly Clothing


Children with autism and sensory challenges have many enemies when it comes to clothing. Clothing tags, exposed elastic bands and itchy socks are just some of the challenges facing children with special needs. As more parents start requesting sensory friendly clothing more stores will start to carry these products.

To get you started in the comfortable clothing hunt we found eight stores that sell sensory friendly clothing:

1. Soft Clothing

Soft ClothingSoft, founded in 2007 addresses the sensory clothing needs of more than 25% of American children. This population is growing 15% annually.  Soft clothing offers hundreds of different sensory friendly items from seamless socks to soft denim. All Soft clothing is made from organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, tagless labels and flat seams.
Website: Softclothing.net 

2. Smart Knit Kids

Smart Knit KidsSmart Knit Kids Focuses on seamless socks, underwear and t-shirts for boys and girls. Their patented seamless socks are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams!

  • Free of any seams
  • Reduces wrinkling and bunching in the shoe
  • Unique, no heel design
  • Comfortable non-binding top

Website: smartknitkids.com

3. Kozie Clothes

Kozie ClothesKozie Clothes offers apparel and products with special features including soft and tactile pleasing fabrics, no tags and inverted seams for comfort. Kozie clothes also offers weighted clothing,compression clothing, and weighted vests.
Website: kozieclothes.com

4. Therapro

TheraproTherapro offers products in over 20 categories for occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, educators, and parents. In their clothing category, Therapro offers sensory smart vests, shirts, socks and pants that are seamless, soft cottons and designed for those with sensory sensitivities. At Therapro you can also find compression shirts and other comfort clothing with weight options.
Website: therapro.com

5. Fun And Function

Fun And FunctionFun And Function offers hundreds of products for special needs parents and therapists. In their clothing section you can find super soft, seamless, tagless dresses, leggings, pants tees and socks that are designed for children with sensory issues.  Fun and Function also has a compression vest section with various graphics printed on them.
Website: funandfunction.com

6. Kickee Pants

Although not designed specifically for children with special needs Kickee Pants creates all their fabrications and styles based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing. All Kickee Pants clothing is made from the softest bamboo cotton. They offer fashionable styles and a great selection of Dresses, Pants,Tights Underwear, Leggings, Pajamas and more.
Website: kickypants.com

7. World’s Softest Socks

Worlds Softest SocksThe World’s Softest makes over 40 different soft and comfortable socks for men and woman. This site is great for older individuals who are sensory sensitive and need soft socks. You can choose from low cut, quarter, mini crew, over the calf and more. There is sure to be a soft sock to fit your needs.
Website: worldssoftest.com 

8. No Netz

No NetzNo Netz focuses on one product: Bathing suits for men and boys with no lining or net. For many the lining in bathing suits can cause skin irritation and chaffing. It can be very difficult for children with autism or sensory challenges to enjoy swimming when the lining rubs against the skin. Choose from three different fashions with more being added soon.
Website: nonetz.com

For more great tips check out: 10 Tips for dressing a sensory sensitive child and 11 More Tips For Dressing Your Sensory-Sensitive Child




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Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+
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  • Allison

    Also check out my etsy store for lots of handmade stuff for kids with special needs including g-tube pads and adjustable swim diapers. http://www.etsy.com/shop/candogoods

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  • AustinSPD

    Don’t forget Teres Kids. http://www.tereskids.com

  • http://twitter.com/NathanHobbes Nathan Hobbes

    Here’s another great site for super soft clothes. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com/girls-maxi-dress

  • Valerie White

    I am an adult who is super sensitive to clothing…have been ever since childhood. The plastic used to line seams in clothing recently has been driving me nuts! Do you know of any resources for adults concerning clothing?
    Thank you!

  • http://www.yuvastyle.com/ Martin Whysall

    I know some of them not all. But all are really nice for price as well as good clothes collection.

  • Daniel Sharp

    Skinnies seamless clothing made with either cotton or medical grade silk just launched a website in North America http:www.skinniesus.com

  • Ashley

    Thank you for this list! EVERY morning with my 6 year old son is a battle with his socks. There is much “wailing and gnashing of teeth” so to speak! Hopefully we can find some seamless socks that will make our mornings “smoother”! 😉

    • Jennifer

      Hello Ashley! I’m have an 8 year old daughter that has the same problem but it also includes every other piece of clothing. I’m lost. I’m not getting any help from her school and she misses often because they have to wear uniforms and not everyday is she able to deal with the clothes. Any help from you or anyone that can guide me would be a great relief thanks so much.

      • Sara

        If she is missing school due to sensory difficulties you should call an IEP meeting and have the team put an exception to the uniform rule into her IEP. .

  • meg

    My eight year old has difficulty with pants and socks. The pants seem to be too tight at the waist and they hurt her legs. She is also complaining about wearing long sleeves so we replace with short sleeve shirts. Her socks can’t have seems and must feel very soft. I wash her clothes with Tide and Downy, perhaps I should use something milder. Its scarey to hear her say her clothes hurt. Does anyone have any suggestions how to have peaceful mornings getting dressed.?

  • graphic tees

    You cut around your design to get rid of the additional background then you’ll be able to just scratch away any negative space. it’s clear but you’ll be able to quite tell there’s something clear there. It scratches off very easy though. I’m excited to do and use it on colored knits additionally
    graphic tees

  • jason

    New brand. soft, flat seams, generous fit and neck, fidget tag, no ribbing, tagless neck line. check out http://www.jorgensons.com

  • Jenni

    There’s a new company out there with even softer soft tee shirts with flat seams – lightweight bamboo rayon-cotton blend jersey. And designs that are so cute!

  • Linn

    My son came up with wearing his socks inside out all by himself. He mostly wears the sporty, white cotton “ribbed” type. Inside out, the more “fuzzy” side is outside, and the smoother side is next to his skin. Seems to work for him.

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  • Kamile Ko

    This list is really attention worth, just because there is plenty of clothes, where you can find for yourself. But I missed in the list one store (my favourite one) – Kleidung,
    schuhe, zubehor
    , which suggests brandy clothes for really low price :)

  • http://theseedsof3.wordpress.com/ Melanie RG Handmade by The See

    As a mom if a sensory defensive son and a daughter with eczema I know what its like to have the clothing battles. For the past several years I have been sewing my own clothing, due to my sensory issues, and with the beginning of the new year I have changed my focus to making clothing for children. All of my clothing is made with GOTS (global organic textile standard) cotton knit that is super soft. I use special yarn like thread to soften all seams and flatten them, and I tack down anything that may poke. The waistbands are soft and elastic. There are no buttons, zippers, etc., to rub or chafe, and the selection of fabrics is outstanding and adorable. My kiddos are much more comfortable now. Check me out at http://www.handmadebytheseedsof3.com

  • Lauren

    Thank you so much for posting this resource! It’s so hard to find clothes for my son that will give the sensory input he needs. This will make my search that much easier 😀

  • Kamile Ko

    I would also add as an important to mention store this one- оптовая
    продажа одежды
    :) Believe me, it is something amazing, I believe I will buy clothes only from here

  • Steph

    Do you know of any places that sell adult clothes? I have neuropathy and seams and different fabrics kill me.

    • Fighting Spirit

      Also looking… I hate clothing shopping because it takes FOREVER to find clothes that don’t bother me :( I’ve taken to wearing “gym style” type clothes in the summer, because the fabrics are softer. Alas the winter I dread :( Good luck friend!

  • Ron Bar

    Hello Zvi,
    I would like to introduce to you
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    with Sensory Issues, and would like to find out how we can partner to help promote our
    products to that community.

    You may check out a review on how well KidOFit
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    Ron Bar



  • Amanda

    Having sensory issues myself I have to say first of all just looking at those socks in that picture above gives me anxiety (seeing how loose and bunched up they are) and secondly those smart knit kids socks are a lie, they do have seams. They get away with saying that because it’s not on the tips of the toes. There’s still seams at the bottom of the toes where it can be most uncomfortable because of the veins that run through your feet at those parts. All you have to do is inside out the socks for yourself or your kids and get tighter fitted socks so they don’t bunch. Always inside out your socks when you wear them! It makes 100% difference! I don’t care how stupid anyone thinks wearing inside outted socks look. No seams to rub on you! So much better!!

  • 1watkinswordpeace

    Why aren’t there soft, nice, tagless, comfortable clothes for non-autistic adults? Why would anyone want to be scratched by their clothes?

  • Bobbie
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  • Joshua Guy

    Hi I am Josh and I have Aspergers. Anyway I have very sensitive hearing and have panic attacks frequently when I lack sleep. Okay I am very sensitive about this issue but soft things comfort me and I have resulted to wearing clothing of the opposite gender just tights for comfort. I was wondering since we are in the subject of special needs clothing, I was wondering are there any clothing stores that gear towards both Autistic children and adults? Because in all seriousness I need it. i am 29.