A Child With Special Needs And Exploding Pumpkins

Physics Teacher Shares Emotional Message About His Son With Special Needs

Jeffrey Wright is a much beloved physics teacher living in Louisville Kentuckey. He is famous for his crazy science experiments such as exploding pumpkins, holding fire and more crazy stuff. But the class that all of his students remember most is the class where he talks about his son.

Jeffrey’s son Adam has Joubert Syndrome, a rare brain malformation that causes lack of control and balance. Only 470 people in the world have been diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome. Jeffrey talks about his son’s challenges and his purpose in life and imparts a meaningful and emotional message to his students.

A former student of Jeffrey’s wanted to explain his previous teacher to others so he created a mini-documentary which subsequently won him a gold medal in the College Photographer of the Year competition. Watch the documentary below and check out the full article in the New York Times.

Image Credit: Zack Conkle


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