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20 Visual Timers For Children With Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs you now how difficult transitions are. Children with special needs, especially children with autism have difficulty with moving from one activity or event to another. An effective solution to help with transitions has been the use of visual timers. Visual timers help teach the concept of time to children with special needs. It also gives them an understanding that every activity is limited to a set amount of time. So where can you find a visual timer for your child?

Right here. We have gathered together 20 visual timers that can help your child with special needs.Visual Timer for a child with special needs

1. Time Timers

Time Timer Visual TimerRecommended by Autism and ADHD experts, Time Timer is one of the most popular visual timers available on the market. With an uncluttered interface, silent operation and optional audible alert this timer works great in almost any setting. Time Timers come in three, eight and 12 inch sizes, perfect for the classroom, in your home or on the go. Price: $30-$40 Purchase at:

2. Time Tracker & Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker TimerTime Tracker is a great visual tool for children with special needs. Following along the lines of a traffic light, Time Tracker uses colors to notify a child that his or her time is almost up. Time Tracker features volume control, a pause feature and quick programming of the lights and sound effects. Price: $26 Purchase at:

3. Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker MiniThe Time Tracker Mini is a smaller more simple version of the Time Tracker. The Time Tracker Mini is half the size of the original Time Tracker (4.75 inches tall) and operates easily with just 2 dials. Alarm times on the Mini can be set from 5  minutes to 2 hours, in 5-minute increments. Price: $15 Purchase at:

Talking Timer4. Talking Timer

The Lux Talking Timer offers the flexibility  to be used as either a precise clock or as a count up/count down timer. A clear spoken voice will announce the time of day or how much time remains until the count down elapses. You can set a timer for up to 23 hours and decide if you would like an audible alarm or not. Price: $17 Purchase at:

Amco Color Alert Timer5. Amco Color Alert Timer

While this timer was designed with the kitchen in mind, it can also be used for your child with special needs. The Amco Color Alert Timer is useful if you are looking for an inexpensive timer or looking for the added bonus of kitchen use. The timer is a 60 minute timer, that blinks yellow with 10 minutes left and red with one minute left. Price: $17 Purchase at:

Time Timer Watch6. Time Timer Watch

The Time Timer watch is a great product for young adults with autism or ADHD. The watch has three features: A clock, alarm and countdown timer. The Time Timer watch gives teens and young adults independence while helping them to get a better understanding of time. Features of the watch include vibrating and audible alerts, repeatable time segments and 12- or 24-hour clock options. Price: $75 Purchase at:

Visual Timer Apps in the Apple iTunes Store

Aside from the physical timers that you can purchase in stores there are also many timer apps available in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. Below is a list of highly regarded timer apps for both platforms.

7. Sharing Timer

Sharing TimerSharing Timer focuses on reinforcing the concept of sharing and turn-taking.  With sharing timer you can select an activity, choose whose turn it is and set the timer. The graphics, sounds, activities and of course the time limit can all be customized to fit your needs. With its large, clear graphics, Sharing Timer makes it easier for children with special needs to use. Price: $7.99 SharingTimer - Handhold Adaptive, LLC

8. Time Timer

Time Timer AppThe Time Timer App displays time as a red disk that quietly gets smaller as time elapses. Children as young as three understand that when the red is gone, time is up! The Time Timer App has a professional look and packed feature set to help adults make every moment count. Highly recommended by experts in education, healthcare, ADHD, Autism and parenting. Time Timer has separate apps for the iPhone and iPad. Price: $4.99 for iPad App and $2.99 for iPhone App Time Timer: iPad Edition - Time Timer LLC

9. Vis Timer

Vis TimerVisual thinkers, especially when they are children, have difficulty conceptualizing time. The VisTimer was developed to provide a gentle implementation of time imposed limits. It utilizes an animated shrinking pie chart to depict elapsed time. Vis Timer includes an early warning preference setting to indicate the timer is approaching completion. Price: $1.99 VisTimer - Mindfultools

10. iPrompts

ipromptsiPrompts is a special needs app that does a number of things including: picture schedules, choice prompts and more. iPrompts also has a countdown timer that displays an image of the caregiver’s choice along with a graphical countdown timer set to any duration. The app is useful for demonstrating how much time is left until a current activity ends, or before the next pictured activity begins. Price: $39.99 iPrompts® XL - Visual Supports, Schedules and Picture Prompting for Autism and Special Education - Handhold Adaptive, LLC

11. Stoplight Clock

Stoplight ClockStoplight Clock provides a distraction-free countdown with vivid colors to let your child know when they are nearly out of time. With this app you can disable the alarm and customize the length of time for each color. Price: 1.99 Stoplight Clock - Brian Victor

12. Kiddie Countdown Timer

Kiddie Countdown Visual TimerKiddie Countdown makes it easy for your kids to see how much time they have left for a particular task.  Kiddie Countdown uses clear simple graphics in green, yellow and red to let your child know how much time is left. The App also supports background alarms so even if it isn’t running in the foreground, you will still get the alarms. Price: $0.99 Kiddie Countdown - Activity Timer - Ordinary Toucan

13. Wait Timer

Wait Timer - Social Story and Visual Timer ToolWait Timer is a visual and audio tool to help children with waiting. The app includes a social story about waiting, and an audio/visual tool for waiting that can be set to different times. Features include: settings to easily change the “wait” time.  You can set the timer to as little as one second to gradually introduce waiting and there is no minimum or maximum times. Price: $2.99 Wait Timer – Social Story and Visual Timer Tool - Touch Autism

14. Buddy's Timer

Buddys Timer ABA AppsBuddy's Timer is perfectly suited to children with autism. The app is a no-frills countdown timer that helps teach the concepts of time. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes in increments of five. The app comes with a screen lock and a piano key chime for audio support. Price: $1.99 Buddy’s timer - Buddy’s ABA Apps - Digital PlayWare

 Visual Timer Apps in the Google Play Store - Android

15. Easy Kids Timer

EasyKidTimerEasy Kid Timer is a fun visual timer for a parent or teacher of any child learning patience and the concept of time. You can easily customize Kids timer with your own pictures and descriptions of tasks. Price: $1.00 Special Needs Apps on Google Play

16. Touch & Go Visual Countdown Timer

Touch & Go Visual Countdown TimerThis app is aimed at kids who benefit from visual reinforcers, particularly kids who are non-verbal, have autism, or kids who just plain do better with visual feedback. The app allows you to set various timers (in seconds), the corresponding text to display and the image to display during the countdown. Price: Free Special Needs Apps on Google Play

17. Visual Auditory Timer

Visual Auditory TimerThe Visual Auditory Timer is is an extremely simple application that is geared toward individuals along the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, or others who need visual reinforcement. This app provides an unobtrusive timer and alarm to complete time-driven tasks. Price:$0.99 Special Needs Apps on Google Play

18. Time Timer

Time Timer App For AndroidMake every moment count with this intuitive, customizable visual timer. The Time Timer is an intuitive and effective visual timer that is preferred by teachers, productivity experts and families with ADHD and Autism. This visual timer is now optimized for Android! Price: $1.99 Special Needs Apps on Google Play

19. iPrompts

iPromptsiPrompts is a special needs app that does a number of things including: picture schedules, choice prompts and more. iPrompts also has a countdown timer that displays an image of the caregiver’s choice along with a graphical countdown timer set to any duration. Price: $9.99 Special Needs Apps on Google Play 

20. visTimer

visTimervisTimer is a small application that is designed for people with Autism, ADHD, or others who benefit from visual reinforcement. The timer can be set to durations of 1 to 60 minutes. It can also operate in clockwise or counter-clockwise modes. The sound & textual prompts can be enabled/disabled and the textual prompts edited. Special Needs Apps on Google Play Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below.

More Special Needs Apps

Looking for more special needs apps? Check out the Special Needs App Review! With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app. The Friendship Circle App Review gives you the ability to find the perfect special needs app for your child. Special Needs App Review

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