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Robin Bennett

9 Awesome Wheelchair Accessories You Need to Know About

The world spins for most of us, and for some we spin right along with it!  For those who live life from the cushion, our experience can be greatly influenced by the style and comfort offered by the seat from which we see life. New accessories and wheelchair models are constantly springing up and moving ever forward as innovations in technology and independence grow. Here are nine great wheelchair accessories that will enhance your ride!

1. Grade AidsGrade Aids for Wheelchairs

Grade aids are devices attached to the wheel locks (on manual wheelchairs) to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards. This is particularly beneficial when climbing ramps or propelling up slopes. When a user is climbing an incline they must remove their hands from the handrims and reposition them frequently as they proceed. When they remove their hands, even for a split second, the wheelchair will try to roll backwards. Grade aids prevent this.

Accu-Grips for Wheelchairs2. Accu-Grips

Accu-Grips are oversized, bright yellow brake tips. they give the user a bigger, brighter target to find when looking for their brakes. Accu-Grips are of great benefit to those whose eyesight is poor or those who have problems with their hands that may prevent them from being able to grip the wheel lock handles comfortably.

CARE-E On for Wheelchairs3. CARE-E On

With the Care E On ride-a-long platform, keep up with any motorized or electric wheelchair. This product is geared towards family, friends, and caregivers, who would like to spend more time with the wheelchair users in their lives. The platform can hold up to 300 lbs without adding additional weight to a wheelchair.

Voyager (Wijit) Propulsion Levers For Wheelchairs4. Voyager (Wijit) Propulsion Levers

The new Voyager was designed especially for kids and helps kids and teens (ages 7 to 14) propel, steer and brake their (manual) wheelchairs with greater ease. The Voyager is a lever action add-on that is designed to make pushing easier for kids who have difficulty with manual wheelchair propulsion or difficulty grasping conventional type handrims. With a dual lever system the Voyager enhances wheelchair propulsion in forward and reverse direction in a more shoulder friendly and ergonomic way.

Custom designed Cushion Covers for wheelchairs5. Custom Design Cushion Covers

Check out these Wheelchair seat cushion covers that will stylize your ride and help express yourself.  Choose from 14 different fun designs that will make your wheelchair look as unique as you are. Custom sized to fit every wheelchair there is sure to be a pattern that fits your style.

6. Frog Legs Casters

Frog Legs Casters for wheelchairsIf you are looking for a smoother ride, replacing the front caster wheels of your wheelchair could be your solution. Frog legs casters & forks can improve the steering capability of your wheelchair and give you the ultimate smooth ride.

7. Light-Up Casters

light up wheels for wheelchairsFor some added flash and fun, add some light and sparkle to every turn of the wheel!  Be sure to find the right size and fit for your casters. Light up casters are classic and fun accessory for your wheelchair. In addition light-up casters add another layer of safety by making your wheelchair more visible.

Tow-Mo by Colours8. Tow-Mo by Colours

The Tow-Mo is a wheelchair-drawn wagon designed to pull larger loads, such as during holiday shopping at the mall, and it is collapsible for ease of transport and storage. The Tow-Mo trailer attaches to the cross bar on the backrest of your wheelchair and has been designed to maintain that attachment while transporting heavy loads. Removal of the Tow-Mo is a breeze as well: Undo the Velcro, fold it up, and stow it away in almost any vehicle.

Wheelchair Slippers9. RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers

When you bring your wheelchair in the house from outside, what else are you bringing in with you? Can you imagine all of the nasty things your wheelchair tires have gone though that will find their way into your clean home? Why not use RehaDesign Wheelchair Wheel Covers?

Online Mobility Equipment Providers

Here are some great websites where you can find these and other great wheelchair accessories. Have an accessory or mobility website your love? Share it in the comments below.
  1. Sportaid
  2. Fusion Medical
  3. Pimp My
  4. RehaDesign
  5. SpinLife
  6. Hotshot Products
  7. Drive Medical
  8. 1800wheelchair
  9. Wheelchair Gear

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Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett has been the Blogger Extraordinaire and an Instructor for 4th Wall Theatre Co., specializing in theatre arts and therapeutic recreation for youth with special needs, since 2012.  She is also a proud woman with a physical disability and advocate for those with disabilities of all kinds. She is writing on behalf of 4th Wall Backstage which provides theatre curriculum and resources to people of ALL abilities."