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14 Special Needs Android Apps on Google Play

It has been nearly 3 years since the iPad was released to throngs of admiring fans. Individuals with special needs were one of the biggest beneficiaries of the iPad. Apps  in the Apple App store helped with communication, social skills, behavioral issues and more. Ever since, Google has struggled to catch up to the iPad and the thousands of apps available to individuals with special needs. With the recent release of a new Google tablet (the Nexus 7), and the updated Google Play App Store you should soon see an increase in apps being developed for people with disabilities. Until then check out these 14 special needs apps on Google Play.

Assistive Communication Apps

AAC Speech Buddy

With AAC Speech Buddy you can create custom PECS Speech Sets at and download them to your favorite Android device. Rating: 4.5 Stars from 4 Reviews Downloads: Between 100-500 Price: $27.99

Alecicom AACAlexicom AAC for Android

Alexicom AAC lets you use your Android phone or tablet as an augmentative communication device. They offer over 1,200 pre-made pages and over 7,000 images in their public libraries. Rating: 4.5 Stars from 21 Reviews Downloads: Between 5,000-10,000 Price: Free

Gabby Tabs - AAC for KidsGabby Tabs - AAC for Kids

Gabby Tabs is a kid friendly, easy to use and personalize, augmentative alternative communication app that helps and encourages non-verbal children to communicate . Rating: N/A Downloads: Between 500-1,000 Price: Free (Pro version available)


JABtalk is a free speech communication application designed to help non-verbal children and adults communicate. Speech therapists commonly refer to JABtalk as an easy and effective augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. Rating: 4.5 Stars from 31 Reviews Downloads: Between 5,000-10,000 Price: Free

AAC speech communicator

AAC speech communicator is an easy to learn communication method for anyone with speech disabilities. The app forms grammatically correct sentences from a list of pictograms that are clicked and reads them (text-to-speech). Rating: 4 Stars from 8 Reviews Downloads: Between 1,000-5,000 Price: Free

Tap To TalkTapToTalk

TapToTalk turns an Android device into an affordable augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. Tap a picture - TapToTalk speaks. Kids think it's fun. Rating: 4 Stars from 50 Reviews Downloads: Between 10,000-50,000 Price: Free


Voice4u is an simple application that consists numerous of fun and memorable images that can help assist and improve language. Rating: 5 Stars from 4 Reviews Downloads: Between 100-500 Price: $49.99

Quick Talk AACQuick Talk

Quick Talk  AAC is a mobile, simple, and flexible app to use. The app covers basic categories and gives individuals who can not communicate a way to tell others their wants and needs. Rating: 5 Stars from 7 Reviews Downloads: Between 100-500 Price: $14.99

Other Special Needs Apps

Autism XpressAutismXpress

Autism Xpress is designed to encourage people with autism to recognize and express their emotions through its fun and easy to use interface. Category: Social Skills Rating: 3.5 Stars from 68 Reviews Downloads: Between 10,000-50,000 Price: Free (Pro version available)

Webteam AppsWebteam Apps

Webteam Corporation offers a number of different apps designed and developed to serve children with autism. The apps teach skills such as learning to count, differentiating colors and much more. Category: Social & Life Skills Rating: n/a Downloads: n/a Prices: Free-$0.99

First Then Visual ScheduleFirst Then Visual Schedule

First-Then visual schedule is an affordable user-friendly mobile application designed for caregivers to provide positive behavior support through the use of "visual schedules". Category: life Skills Rating: 3 Stars from 4 Reviews Downloads: Between 100-500 Price: $9.99

iPrompts – ASD Visual SupportiPrompts - ASD Visual Support

iPrompts, the original app for visual supports, is used by parents, special educators and therapists of those with autism and other developmental delays. iPromts offers visual schedules, countdown timers, choice prompts and more. Category: Life Skills Rating: n/a Downloads: Between 10-50 Price: $9.99

iReward ChartiReward Chart

iRewardChart makes it easy to reward your children for good behavior and keep them motivated. This app is beneficial for children with and without special needs. Category: Behavioral Rating: 4 Stars from 76 Reviews Downloads: Between 1,000-5,000 Price: $3.99

Life Skills Winner

Life Skills Winner teaches life and social skills in a interactive way with positive feedback through a mobile device. Category: Life Skills Rating: 4 Stars from 6 Reviews Downloads: Between 1,000-5,000 Price: Free (pro version available)

More Special Needs Apps

Looking for more special needs apps? Check out the Special Needs App Review! With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app. The Friendship Circle App Review gives you the ability to find the perfect special needs app for your child. Special Needs App Review

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Tzvi Schectman

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