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17 Apraxia resources for concerned parents

Watching your child miss a milestone is a very worrying sign.  If your child is missing speech milestones he or she may have a neurological condition called Apraxia. In this post we provide 17 resources that will help you learn about apraxia and its characteristics.

Apraxia On The Web

The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America Apraxia KidsThis organization provides resources for those new to the diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech as well as resources for speech language pathologists, educators and health care professionals. also hosts a online library with in-depth articles and information on all topics related to Childhood Apraxia of Speech, its diagnosis, treatment, and research. American Speech and Hearing Association American speech and hearing associationThe American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 150,000 members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists and speech, language, and hearing scientists. ASHA advocates on behalf of persons with communication and related disorders, works to advance communication science, and promotes effective human communication Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Children's Hospital gives a very clear overview and explanation of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. The causes, signs and treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech are all covered in this short and to-the-point- guide. Pediastaff PediastaffIf you are really looking to dive deep then Pediastaff is the place to visit. They provide over 100 in-depth articles related to Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Apraxia BlogsApraxia Blogs

Learn from parents that have journeyed down the apraxia path before you. Check out these blogs from parents raising a child with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and join the conversation.
  1. Apraxia Adventures
  2. Jake's Journey To Be A Little Man
  3. Their Words Their Way
  4. The Speech Gadget

Apraxia on PinterestApraxia on Pinterest

While mainly known as a visual hot spot for design, home decor, fashion and recipes, Pinterest has a number of “pinners” that pin special needs related items and activities. Check out these organizations and Pinterest boards dedicated to Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Apraxia Kids PinterestApraxia Mom PintersetApraxia Connection PinterestApraxia Boards        Apraxia KIDS          Apraxia Mom         Apraxia Connection       All Apraxia Boards

Apraxia Books

If you are looking for an offline way to learn about apraxia there a number of great books for you to read. Here are a five books that will guide parents in working with their child.

Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents' Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech Speaking of ApraxiaA parents' guide to understanding, treating, and living with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). Written in an empathic style by a parent who "has been there", Speaking of Apraxia offers hope and practical advice for parents of toddlers to teens with this neurologically-based motor speech disorder.

The Big Book of ExclamationsThe Big Book Of Exclamations The Big Book of Exclamations is an educational book written by a speech pathologist and designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds and words. A wonderful book for young children with typical speech development and those considered "late talkers".  The Late TalkerThe Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet Balanced with a mother's perspective and an acclaimed doctor's experience, this book gives parents advice on finding the right therapy and therapist, negotiating with school boards, teachers, and language specialists and speech exercises to do at home with a child.  Speech Language ProblemsThe Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Problems The Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Problems is a one-stop resource, offering not just the most up-to-date medical information but also advice and encouragement from a mom who’s been there.  This book has a great combination of clinical research and real-world, hands-on parenting solutions. Teach Me How to Say It Right: Helping Your Child with Articulation Problems Teach Me To Say It RightThis book offers a range of strategies to employ when a child needs some extra help to work through a particular speech difficulty. The book also addresses the emotions parents deal with and devotes a chapter to signs and symptoms of other common communication problems that may co-exist.

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