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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

Extreme Makeover Special Needs Edition: Part Two

A few months ago we shared Liliya’s Story with you.

In short, Liliya Bromberg is a 21 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Liliya lives in a small one-bedroom apartment with her parents.

As any young woman would want, Liliya desperately needs friends and independence.

Providing Friendships

Liliya BrombergFor years Friendship Circle had been providing friends for individuals with special needs. Friendship Circle matches over 400 teens with children and young adults who have special needs. Together they participate in various programs and home visits. The volunteers provide social interactions, friendships and much much more.

Friendship Circle has been providing Liliya with friends for over 10 years. Every day, one or two girls visit and spend one or two hours together. Some volunteers go bowling with her, others go out for pizza, play games or just talk about life.

Providing Independence

Recently the Brombergs received the devastating news that Liliya had been diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. Liliya was now dealing with two huge challenges in her life. More than ever she needed her own space and independence.

At this point Bassie Shemtov Friendship Circle’s director rallied the troops and started working on a plan… To provide Liliya with her own studio apartment. Watch the video below to see the amazing and emotional end result.

The Big Reveal In Pictures

You can read the full article at WXYZ Action News

A special thank you to all who participated in making this special project happen!

  • Sheldon Yellen/ Belfor USA
  • Mike Barnett of Belfor USA
  • Shari Stein of Partners in Design Inc.
  • Harold Remlinger of Remlinger Architekts
  • Matt Lester of Princeton Management
  • Ashley Oleshansky of Princeton Management
  • Channel  7 WXYZ-TV
  • LaFontaine Automotive Group
  • Believe In Miracles
  • American Interiors, Wixom, Michigan
  • California Closets, Michigan
  • Ciot Tile and Granite
  • Home Depot, Farmington Hills
  • Gabriella Burman Kaplan
  • Huntington Technology, Inc.
  • Ledbetter Design
  • Millennium Cabinetry, Farmington, Michigan
  • Modern Millwork
  • SCI Flooring
  • Shaw Industries
  • Wilsonart
  • Dan & Jennifer Gilbert
  • Marcia Stein, Artist from Santa Cruz, California
  • Ken Goss of Specialties Showroom
  • Diversified Restaurant Holdings
  • Neil and Stacey Weissman
  • Gorman’s Furniture
  • Mitchell & Michelle Bleznak
  • Harold & Penny Blumentstein
  • Avi & Beth Brandvain
  • Easton & Linday Kay Brodsky
  • Judge Avern & Lois Cohn
  • Mushky Duchman
  • Matthew & Maggie Egrin
  • Alon & Shari Kaufman
  • Lisa Fenkell
  • Jeffrey & Laurie Fischgrund
  • Samuel & Mindy Herman
  • Jeffrey & Marjorie Loeb
  • M. Jacob & Sons
  • Kurt McNeil
  • Mildred Moss
  • Bill & Natalie Newman
  • David W Potts
  • Ron & Nancy REchter
  • Richard Ruby
  • M.J. & Annette Sack
  • Patrick & Kathryn Tooman
  • Dakota Alert
  • And all those who participated in Hoops4Liliya
Tzvi Schectman

Written on May 6, 2012 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+
  • Dear friends!
    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy! Thank you very very much everyone for
    everything you did! You changed my life!
    Love forever, Liliya

    • Harold Remlinger, AIA

      Liliya,  It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday and and honor to work on this project with such a great group of people.  Your energy and postive personality has touch the heart of not only me but also my daughter Hannah who had the pleasure of being at your home coming.  

      We will stay in touch with you now that we have your email address. 

      Make it a fantastic day.

      Harold and Hannah Remlinger 

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  • Susan Ruttenberg

    HI, Liliya,
    Mrs.Ruttenberg here.  I just received this email from the Friendship Circle, and you are the main event!  I am very happy to hear about all of the good things that are happening for you….your own apartment, a trip to NYC, and you made it onto TV.  I do not get onto facebook very often, as my technology skills are terrible (in fact, I tried just before this to send this message via facebook, and the message is out there in cyberspace somewhere!), but I will try to check once in awhile, and see if we can connect by email.  In the meanwhile, enjoy your new home!  Mazel Tov!  And please tell your parents that I said “hi.”  Wishing you lots and lots of luck!
    Susan Ruttenberg

  • Such a beautiful story and person! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kimberly

    I have just recently came across your blog. What you do brings tears to my eyes. Wondering if there is a local chapter near me in Pa?

    • Kimberly, There are 3 Friendship Circles in PA. One in Pittsburgh and 2 in the Philadelphia area. Where exactly do you live?

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