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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

52 Autism News Articles, Videos and Blog Posts you need to read

It’s been a whirlwind month of Autism Awareness. The media and blogosphere released story after story and post after post. If you still haven’t heard about autism then you must be an ostrich!

To recap Autism Awareness Month we went through a whole months worth of blog posts and stories and bring you 52 of the best news stories, videos and blog posts on Autism.

Autism NewsAutism In The News

  1. Philadelphia Inquirer: Experimental Drug Eases Autistic Behaviors in Mice
  2. NPR: Children With Autism Are Often Targeted By Bullies
  3. Minnesota Daily: Autism rate is up on campus, in U.S.
  4. New York Daily News: New tool to diagnose autism within minutes
  5. Time: Can Autism Really Be Diagnosed in Minutes?
  6. Detroit Free Press: Lack of state services for adults with Autism
  7. New York Daily News:In treating autism, the earlier the better for behavioral therapy
  8. New York Times: Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk
  9. CNN: Son’s autism gives golf ace Ernie Els a grand ambition
  10. Time: ‘Shock’ School Trial: Where Is the Evidence that Abuse Helps Treat Autism?
  11. U.S. News and World Report Battling the Bullying of an Autistic Child
  12. ABC News: Autism Linked to Inherited Gene Mutations, Particularly From Dad
  13. New York Times: In Court, Trying to Understand Asperger Syndrome
  14. CNN: Opportunities grow for adults with autism
  15. CBS News: World Autism Awareness Day sparks UN call to end discrimination
  16. Time: Autism: Why Some Children ‘Bloom’ and Overcome Their Disabilities
  17. CBS News: Autism awareness: College programs for students on the spectrum
  18. Salt Lake City Tribune: Utah’s alarming autism rate
  19. New York Times:  The Autism Wars
  20. CBS News: What are top places to live for people with autism?
  21. Associated Press: Autism research may be about to bear fruit
  22. The Atlantic:  Should We Really Worry About Obesity’s Link to Autism?
  23. Time: Seeking the Roots of Autism and Antisocial Personality in the Brain
  24. Fox News: Computer programs and apps for children with autism
  25. The Seattle Times: Seahawks GM John Schneider knows: Autism is a family diagnosis
  26. CNN: Children with autism: Nothing for granted
  27. USA Today: ‘Seclusion rooms’ for autistic students raise questions
  28. NPR: Autism coverage signed into law in Michigan by Lt. Gov. Calley
  29. Education Week: Bill Would Pay to Train Teachers of Students With Autism

Autism VideosAutism Videos

  1. CNN: CDC: 1 in 88 kids has autism
  2. ABC News: New Jersey Autistic Boy Records Teachers’ Alleged Abuse
  3. CNN Anderson Cooper 360: Father of autistic bullying victim speaks out
  4. Fox Sports: Rosenthal, Williams talk autism
  5. ABC: What would you do?: How fellow diners react to a boy with autism
  6. CNN: Autism In College
  7. Associated Press: Autism May Be Linked to Obesity During Pregnancy
  8. MLB.Com: MLB raises funds, awareness for autism

 Autism Blog PostsAutism Blog Posts

  1. Friendship Circle:  Top 10 Ways To Support Autism Awareness Without Writing A Check
  2. Huffington Post: Divorce And Autism: Avoidable Or Inevitable?
  3. Adventures in Extreme Parenthood:  Top 10 Things to Do After An Autism Diagnosis
  4. Friendship Circle: 6 tips for planning an Autism friendly birthday party
  5. Laura Shumaker10 ways to give Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month Meaning
  6. Stuart Duncan: I have Aspergers – Part 1: Who I am
  7. Love That Max: Why teachers abuse kids with special needs (and how to tell)
  8. What Would You Hear If You Secretly Recorded Your Child’s School Day?
  9. Autisable: 10 Autism Myths
  10. Friendship Circle: What you need to know about Echolalia
  11. The Milestones That Keep You Going When You Have A Kid With Autism
  12. Laura Shumaker: Autism, parents and teachers: Bridging the communication gap
  13. A Different Dream: The Drive to Succeed Adaptive Drivers Education
  14. Friendship Circle: Autistic Home Decorating: Make your home autism friendly
  15. Autisable: Top Ten Things To Know & Do If Autism meets Your Family!

Tell us your favorite Autism News Stories, Videos and Blog posts from the past month in the comments below.

Tzvi Schectman

Written on May 1, 2012 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+

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