A Week in the life of a Special Needs Parent


For about a week I have been asked to submit a post for the Friendship Circle Blog.

Where is it?

Maybe this will help

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and we are in the middle of parent-teacher conferences.

So where is my blog post?

The dog ate it.  Not really, but sometimes as the parent of a child with disabilities, the reason that I am late or that I have not slept very much just doesn’t seem believable–even to me.

Time to talk

I had a speaking engagement at a local university.  As a guest lecturer I can offer insights to students and develop an understanding and compassion needed for families experiencing disabilities.  This did not help me with the blog.

Jury DutyMix in a little Jury Duty

I had jury duty.  I am a proud American.  It gives all my children and my daughter with disabilities access to a wonderful education.  However, arriving at jury duty took the coordination and skill of leaving the country for an extended vacation.

Time to listen

My daughter had religion class this week with a hundred other 8th graders.  Since I assist her, I had religion class too.  When the topic arose, I spoke of courage and how proud I am that she has courage to live gracefully in a world that judges her harshly because of her disabilities.  Her peers cheered.  No blog.

Assistive Communication - iPad AppsTime for Speech

I took my daughter to speech class.  The teacher used the iPad like a mirror and recorded my daughter’s session.  I am learning a lot however this did not result in a blog.

Time for School

The next semester started this week for my daughter at school.  Several long-term projects are due.  Some of the assignments came home without instructions.  Since my daughter cannot talk and tell me the instructions, this took time to send emails and notes.  No blog

Time for Doctors

The Friendship Circle has a wonderful blog about a diagnosis and medication that may also help my daughter.  Several calls have been made to neurologists and two different hospitals on my daughter’s behalf.  No blog.

I am living the rich and fulfilling life of a parent of a child with disabilities. And This Is My Blog Post


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Jennifer Greening, Ed.S. is the author of Opening Doors, Opening Lives: Creating awareness of advocacy, inclusion, and education for our children with special needs. Her book is used in university classes across the country. It received positive reviews from the Autism Society of Michigan and was awarded 2010 Best Books Award Finalist by USA Book News. Visit her website at www.jennifergreeningbooks.com.
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  • Kristen

    Really enjoyed this *blog entry* :)!

  • http://www.jennifergreeningbooks.com Jennifer Greening

    I had fun writing it!  Parents of children with special needs have many demands placed on them on a regular basis.  Adding a holiday, medical emergency, or special event challenges our organizational skills.  My mother says I am supposed to ask for help during these times.  I have not figured out how to add ‘organizing assistance’ to these times.  Adding humor and perspective helps.  When my daughter was little I did not understand that these busy weeks would occur less frequently as she got older.  I learned that the tough weeks come and go and I gained a nice perspective.  It is hard for me to admit that I am not super-human–it was easier for me to tell Tzvi that the dog ate my blog.  Don’t tell Tzvi that I don’t have a dog.