Apps for Autism on 60 Minutes

Apps for Autism on 60 minutes

Recently 60 Minutes ran a feature called Apps for Autism. In the segment 60 Minutes Corespondent Lesley Stahl reports on the iPad and other tablet computer apps that are helping nonverbal people with autism communicate and learn. Check out the segment above and watch the web extras below.

What do you think? Are iPads and Apps the long lost communication treasure?

Temple Grandin: Understanding autism

In this segment Temple Grandin explains what it is like for someone to have autism and her opinions on autism in general.

Temple Grandin’s unique brain

Neuroscientist Walt Schneider says studying the brains of people with autism like Temple Grandin – the famous animal welfare advocate – could help identify “sub-types” of autism and how best to treat them.

Autistic and passionate about Pavarotti

Ten-year-old Nuno was thought to have the IQ of a toddler until his teacher, Ian Stuart, tested him with an iPad app. Stuart learned that Nuno had an extensive vocabulary and a hidden love – for opera.

Are autism apps overblown?

Are iPad apps really unlocking the minds of children with autism — or are teachers and parents exaggerating their effect? Teachers Stacie Carroll and Sabrina Morey weigh in.

Studying autism and iPads

Canadian professor Rhonda McEwen studies the use of iPads by children with autism in Toronto’s Beverley School. She tells Lesley Stahl that progress is slow, but learning to “play with language” is the first step


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