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Guest Post
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It’s going to be a great year at Friendship Circle!

Guest Post written by Cary Heller, a long time Friendship Circle volunteer and sports coach

As I walk out the doors of what is certainly the greatest place on earth I look at the kids one last time.

The thought comes

How did I end up in this place?
How did I end up sharing my life with these amazing children?
How is it that I feel a sense of completeness every time I walk out these doors head held high?

I give the last kid I see an ear to ear smile and a heartfelt hug.

Another thought comes

I think that more than anything else these kids have helped me to change my life.

I hug him just a little bit firmer and hold back some tears.

I take a step back and our eyes meet briefly.

Our souls touch briefly.

He says “Thanks, and your welcome” without saying a word.

I understand him fully.

I say “Bye Jordy, see you next week!”

I walk to my car in amazement.


Just like every other time throughout the years.

This feeling never gets old.

I say to myself as I drive off-

Its going to be a GREAT year at The Friendship Circle.

I sure do love this place.

Guest Post

Written on September 21, 2011 by:

  • Love your insight! We are all truly made better by being given the opportunity to be part of their day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.

  • Marlowe

    Thanks for volunteering at Friendship Circle Cary.  You help make FC the special place that it is!

  • Michelle

    Yes, thank you so much.  The volunteers do help make it special.  Thanks for caring so much for our kiddos.