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BY Lauren

Weird, Punk, Nerd, Jock: I’m tired of it

I’m tired. I’m tired of obsessing over how I look, how I sound, if I am professional enough, if I am smart enough, if I am thin enough or beautiful in other people’s eyes. I’m tired. I’m tired of watching teenagers find their self-worth by destroying someone else’s. I’m tired of blanket statements and cultures divided. I’m tired of stereotypes that blind the public’s eyes to the beauty of difference. I’m tired of being tired of this.

So I am joining Defeat The Label. I am defeating blanket statements and hateful looks. I am defeating gossiping teenagers raised by gossiping adults. I am defeating social standards for “beautiful” and “successful.”

I am replacing it with celebration. Celebrating the differences between us. Celebrating the beauty that color and culture bring to our lives. Celebrating the wonderful conversations and learning opportunities that we present to one another.

Let’s turn gossip into a real, progressive conversation. Let’s shred those blanket statements and finally allow the beauty of difference to become one of many threads  that make up our tapestry.

Let’s do something and wake up. Because I am tired of being tired.

What is Defeat The Label?

Fat, stupid, low-class and ugly. At some point in life, we have all experienced the emotional pain caused from social labeling. These labels create an imbalance of power and control within our schools, workplaces and communities- most often leading to bullying and the bystander effect.

Defeat The Label is a social movement that works to promote an inclusive, judgment-free society, void of social labels and stereotypes; a society where all people are recognized not for their physical form, but for the superior, equal and worthy G-d given soul within.

Cultivating this sensitivity within oneself raises our awareness and ultimately has a ripple effect not only in other aspects of our lives, but in the lives of those around us.

Watch the Defeat The Label Video or visit to get involved


Written on March 29, 2011 by:

Lauren Todaro joined The Friendship Circle in March of 2009 as the Assistant to the Director. As a writer and advocate for equality, she is consistently on the search for creative ways to bring more social advocacy and awareness to the Metro Detroit community. Have an idea? Email her at [email protected]

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