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BY Bassie

Launching A new Anti Bullying Movement

Can’t See the video? Watch Defeat The Label on YouTube

Fat, stupid, low-class and ugly. At some point in life, we have all experienced the emotional pain caused from social labeling. These labels create an imbalance of power and control within our schools, workplaces and communities- most often leading to bullying and the bystander effect. Today The Friendship Circle officially launches the brand new social movement called Defeat the Label to combat these social labels.

Freshly Launched, is the home base for this anti-bullying movement.


Users register for free on and receive weekly call-to-action missions via email.


Each mission calls for the user to perform a specific act of good within their school, social groups, family and other community-based organizations.


After completing the mission, users report their mission findings via photos, video or text stories. The stories are then ranked by the number of “likes” they receive. The person with the most likes in each mission will receive a prize.

Be one of the first to join the movement at


Written on March 22, 2011 by:

Bassie Shemtov founded Friendship Circle together with her husband Levi. Bassie is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of children with special needs while providing relief to their families and empowering teen volunteers.
  • Debbie Scaduto

    Boston’s Michael & Marisa Take on Bullying with their new song & video,”The Same” Kids Can Help Kids. They hope their song reaches bullies and those unfairly being bullied…”If our song causes even one bystander to take a stand, that one action could be the start of a chain of events that could help to stop bullying!

  • hannah

    i have been bulled all my life and because of it i have been hurt and the schools are not doing anything about it so it  need to stop with this crap

  • Alice

    I was bullied all my life too. When i was in 2nd grade i was playing soccer with some of my friends and then this huge 5th grader i didnt know, came up behind me and grabbed both of my feet and flipped me upside down and started swinging and shaking me aned calling me “werdio” and “dork” and “nerd”. And he did tht until recess was over. Wen recess was over, he was about to leave and i thought he was going to put me down gentley after what he did to me but no, i was soo wrong. He just dropped me on my head. And i’ ve never told anybody until now. Until i saw tht “Defeat The Label” video. Then in 3rd grade, someone started “Alice germs” and it ticked me off. I’ll never forget tht day when i was phisically bullied. Dont put up with tht crap. Stand up for yourself……


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