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BY Lauren

Friendship Circle Snowman Competition Winners & Recap

And the winner is…

Snowman Competition Results

In planning this event, I didn’t realize how seriously the companies would take the competition. While watching the freakish weather reports that morning, my heart sunk thinking our event would be frozen over from below-zero wind chills. Still clinging onto a small splinter of hope, we decided not to cancel the event. However I must admit, my normally optimistic mind surrendered to the fact that most would probably show up to their plot, try to make a snowman, fail because of the powdery snow, grab a coffee and leave before they freeze. Oh, sister…how wrong I was!

I should have known. My first clue was R*Works, whom conference-called me in on a staff meeting a few days before the event. They were planning out their snow-design and organizing their job roles. One of their employees even asked me for the length and diameter of the wooden dowel rods that were going to be provided at the event! When they expressed not only having a plan B but ALSO a plan C…I should have known.

But it didn’t hit me until Sachse Construction rolled into Barnum Park like a powerhouse, hauling a huge water tank to spray down their plot of land and make the snow more “packable.” And if that wasn’t enough, I then witnessed ladders, professional plotting equipment, props and 10+ people file out of their entourage and into their plot. The competition was about to get intense.

The heated tent with coffee (which I assumed would be packed with people escaping the cold) stood practically empty the entire time. However, I did catch an Image One employee using the heater to melt their snow (again, in a creative effort to make it packable). It was obvious…these people were focused!

Brogan & Partners brought their own props to create a Snowlady. Now I’m not referring to a carrot, coal and a hat…I’m talking about real shoes, real stockings, real scarf and a wig! They even pre-glittered an FC heart-shaped sign to hang on her sculpted arm.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. These companies went all out. Their employee’s worked tirelessly in the snow. Below zero temperatures? Give me a break! These people were hot with the fever of competition! And boy did that show in their final product.

I must send a sincere Thank You to all of the participating companies and their snow-warrior employee’s. Brogan & Partners, Identity PR, Image One, MRM Worldwide, One Reverse Mortgage, R*Works, Sachse Construction and Universal McCann…You are the best snow-sculptor’s in Detroit! You not only raised $3,500 for The Friendship Circle, you also showed Metro Detroit your creativity, child-like sense of fun and determination in facing the coldest day of Winter 2011. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated.


Written on February 15, 2011 by:

Lauren Todaro joined The Friendship Circle in March of 2009 as the Assistant to the Director. As a writer and advocate for equality, she is consistently on the search for creative ways to bring more social advocacy and awareness to the Metro Detroit community. Have an idea? Email her at [email protected]

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