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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

11 online toy stores for children with special needs

If your child has special needs it may not be so simple to purchase an appropriate toy. You generally can’t walk into a Walmart, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us or your local dollar store and pick out the item your child wants or needs. Thankfully we live in 2011 (what did people do 20 years ago? ) and we can hop online and start browsing the web for appropriate toys.

To get you started here are some stores that sell toys geared towards children with special needs.

1. Ability Station
Ability station provides special toys for  many different special needs and skillsets. All toys are therapist approved for a child’s growth, development and fun.

2. Amazon
Amazon sells anything and everything you could possibly think of (ex: Sigmund Freud action figure or UFO Detector). Tucked away in a corner of Amazon are 464 special needs multi sensory toys.

3. Different Roads to Learning
Founded in 1995 by the mother of a child diagnosed with Autism, Different Roads to Learning carries over 500 products carefully selected to support the Autism Community. You’ll find everything from basic flashcards, books and timers to advanced social skills tools to support you at every step.

4. eSpecial Needs
From oversized building blocks and bungee jumpers to snapwall playsets and sand and water activity tables, eSpecial Needs offers a variety of appealing active play toys for children with special needs, including autism.

5. Fun and Function
Fun and Function designs sensory toys and therapy equipment for individuals with special needs to help children learn adaptive responses for what they may lack or crave.  Looking for a gift for a child with special needs? Fun and Function has some recommendations.

6. Gummy Lump
Gummy Lump offers toys that make sweet memories:  play food, wooden toys, pretend play & educational toys for toddlers & preschoolers! Featuring Melissa & Doug and other award winning toys.

7. Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore is dedicated to creating innovative educational materials that spark young imaginations, instill a sense of wonder and foster a lifelong love of learning. Although not specifically targeted towards children with special needs, a number of their products can be very useful for children with special needs.

8. Playability Toys
PlayAbility Toys designs and develops toys for children with special needs. Toys are geared towards children on the Autism Spectrum, individuals who are blind & visually Impaired, cognitive challenges, hearing impaired, physical challenges, speech delay and more.

9. Special Needs Toys
Special Needs Toys offers a wide range of special needs toys, from mobile Multi-Sensory, to Swings, Trampolines and otherSensory Integration kits, Switches, rewards and small Sensory toys.

10. Toys  ‘R’ Us
Toys ‘R’ Us has a complete  “Differently-Abled” Kids section. Categories include: Auditory, Creativity, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, Tactile, Thinking and Visual

11. Your Favorite Toy Store

Share your favorite store!  Where do  you get great toys for children with special needs? We would love to hear, add it in the comment section below.


Tzvi Schectman

Written on January 31, 2011 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+
  • Thanks for this list! Even with a seven-year-old, I’m still learning how to shop for him.

  • Tzvi

    Thanks Chris. If you come across any toy stores we haven’t listed please add them in the comments!

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  • Nori Warren Klar

    Hi, I just noticed your post about the abscence of local stores that have toys for Special Needs.  Have you ever been to Warren Prescriptions at 14 mile and Middlebelt in Farmington Hills?  They have hundreds of toys, many of which are for special needs kids.  Shop local not online.  Warrens offers an array of educational and specialty toys and will special order for you.  Please check out their toy website at
    I am the owner and would love to talk,
    work phone 248-855-1177 or email me and I will contact you.
    Nori Klar

    PS As far as the online ordering please check out
            This website tells the importance of shopping in local brick and mortar stores because we are the ones supporting local organizations, schools, synagogues, churches and charities Like YOURS.

    • Hi Nori! I respectfully disagree! Online stores give the consumer choices. Plus, many online stores, like ours, are a Mom and Pop operation and also give to local charities, schools, and special needs programs. Like you, we are also contributing to the community. In addition, our prices tend to be lower because we do not have to pay rental and utility fees on a brick and mortar storefront, and we pass that savings on to our customers. Please visit us at 

      Our best,
      Marybeth Cataldo
      Owner of The Sensory Spectrum Shop

  • Tzvi

    Nori, Thanks for the information! When talking about local toy stores we were focusing on the big box stores such as Target, Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us etc. These stores do not have a big selection of special needs toys. I am sure each local community has toy stores that provide toys for children with special needs. However since this blog has readers from around the world it would be hard to focus on local toy stores.

  • Good Morning,

    We are a fairly new company dedicated in supplying educational toys to young children as well as special needs children and hope you will be interisted in listing our store as well.

    Kind Regards,

    Delienn Churchill

  • Amazon is a wonderful store. It has everything in place with a perfect price range. One can check the customers review and buy online.

  •  This is the web-site for the rainy day indoor playground.Or should I say the manufactures of the product.As a mother of three very busy kids 2 with sensory issues this has  been a life saver

  • offers some great games and learning tools for children with autism.  Products were developed by a school psychologist with over 20 years experience working with children with special needs.  All games and learning tools focus on strengthening communication and social skills while helping children with autism feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.  Please check us out!

  • Hi Tzvi,
    This is awesome! for a long time I have had the same thought as to why the exposure of children with special needs isn’t there for all to see. They are just as important if not more than any other child/adult and from a personal perspective it is a situation I would like to seek more knowledge as well as offer my own insights to this topic. Thank you for the opportunity to share thoughts 😀 -lulu

  • Toy Journey

    The information here,are very useful.I would like to buy numerous toys for my kids..The toys are very attractive as well.

  • Great list! The Sensory Spectrum Shop offers fun and modern special needs products and sensory toys for special needs children. We have many items 100% free of harmful toxins such as BPA, lead, PVC and phthalates. A portion of our annual proceeds goes to help fund Autism research and many other special needs programs. All of our items have been therapist (and kid) approved. Free shipping on many items!

  • Cathrin Marshall

    I live in South Africa, I have a little girl who has a severe hearing loss in both her ears and Nystagmus (involntry movement of the eyes.
    Here in Port Elizabeth there are no toy shops for moms like me to shop for my little one. I am looking at opening a shop, but i am unsure as to where to get thse toys from.
    Does any one have any idea as to how I can go about this?

  • Anchelghai

    Would love to hear if anyone has any recomendations for stores in Canada??

  • San_greazul

    i have a project in my class i chosen a toy that is the same like disabled kids how can you help me? 

  • Mjc1969

    Great Site, I have found a site that is really cheap and greta for children with special needs, see

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing this i was searching for such stuff for my kids.

  • Melissa

    On November 2011, I decided to open an online toy store called Momo’s Special Toys that sales educational toys and sensory products. I also set-up toy fairs in preschools around Atlanta. I am also planning to open the first toy store that caters to children with disablity. I have decided to open an online toy store because of a chewy tube. My son needed a chewy tube that I could only buy online and I had to pay $17.00 dollars for a $8.00 dollar chewy because of the shipping, I just thought that was ridiculous. Having a special needs child, I believe that some of the company above should not say that they sale products for differently abled children, some of the products aren’t for the more severe cases. Customer service is really called customer no-service, products sometimes takes two weeks or more. Moreover, the employees don’t have the knowledge to help parent choose the most appropriate toy for their child’s need. Most of them don’t even know what language delay means. Forget it if you say ” apraxia, hyportonia, oral motor weekness, coordination disorder, dysarthria…”  

  • Jimmy Hargreaves

    Be wary of the brainwave site as its operating illegally outside of tax laws and have been warned by HMRC

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  • Carol

    Autism Learn is an online store that makes unique visually structured tasks for childen with autism. The address is
    All of the tasks are original designs. I hope you will have some time to take a look.

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