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BY Lauren

Lt. Governor Brian Calley Visits Friendship Circle

In early December of 2010, former Congressman Joe Knollenberg was at an event discussing Autism with the, soon-to-be Michigan Lt. Governor- Elect, Brian Calley. After learning that the Lieutenant Governor’s daughter had been diagnosed with Autism, Mr. Knollenberg began telling him about an organization he had become very familiar with during his time in office…The Friendship Circle.

Fast forward to January 13th, 2011. That is the day that former Congressman Joe Knollenberg brought Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley to visit The Friendship Circle. As the Lt. Governor roamed the halls of The Friendship Circle, alongside our directors Rabbi Levi & Bassie Shemtov, he was impressed by the unique social service we provide for over 3,000 families with special needs.

The visit from Lt. Governor Brian Calley marked a wonderful beginning to a new calender year at The Friendship Circle. We are optimistic that the L.t Governor’s exposure to The Friendship Circle will inspire our government leaders to keep individuals with special needs at the forefront of their legislation.

To learn more about Governor Calley’s personal experience with Autism, please view the video below.


Written on January 14, 2011 by:

Lauren Todaro joined The Friendship Circle in March of 2009 as the Assistant to the Director. As a writer and advocate for equality, she is consistently on the search for creative ways to bring more social advocacy and awareness to the Metro Detroit community. Have an idea? Email her at [email protected]

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