Should Congress Implement National Special Needs Parents Day? [Poll]


Congress is said to be considering HR Bill 1576, sponsored by Indiana Representative Dan Burton whose grandson is on the autism spectrum. The Bill would designate a “National Special Needs Parents Day.”

As stated in the bill, “National Special Needs Parents Day would be created because “…active and supportive parents serve a critical role in the development of special needs children and in preparing them to succeed in school and in life, and…deserve annual national recognition for their selfless dedication, compassion, and sacrifice…”

Is this a day to recognize the selfless dedication that parents of children with special needs show day in and day out? Or is this just another way for everyone to stop for a second say poor thing and then move on?

As you can imagine the blogosphere has really voiced their opinion. We would love to hear your opinion, Take the quick poll below and let us know what you think.

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