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Dani Gillman
BY Dani Gillman

Down Syndrome football player scores a touchdown![Video]

A Few Months back I Posted an article about Special Needs videos On You Tube. One of those videos is about Jason McElwain a High School kid with a passion for basketball. Although Jason had autism it didnt stop him from participating in varsity sports. And when given a chance he made the most of it.

Well, Football season is here and I would like you to meet Ike Ditzenberger. Ike, 17 is a junior at Snohomish (Wash.) High School. His dream has always been to follow in his brother’s steps and play footbal. Ike may seem like a typical high school student besides for one important detail…. Ike has Down Syndrome. Last week Ike got the chance of a lifetime. He scored a 51 yard touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game. The play called the “Ike Special” is a touching moment where a group of Super competitve high school athletes realize that sometimes there are more important things in life than competing and scoring points.

Dani Gillman

Written on October 8, 2010 by:

Dani Gillman is Cofounder and Head of Marketing at Birdhouse– a Detroit-based startup empowering parents raising children with special needs to learn more about their children through a behavior journaling app for iPhone, Android and the web. She’s also mom to a 11 year old daughter (who happens to have Autism) and a 2 year old son (who doesn’t appreciate naps as much as his mother does).

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