UMatter Weeks

UMatter Week is a teen-led initiative that empowers teens in our community to help support our friends and peers that are struggling with isolation, and empower individuals that there is strength in seeking help. The UMatter message is twofold: you, as a person, matter unconditionally, and you, as a person, matter to someone else.

Challenges that high schoolers face can be due to social anxiety, mental illness, trauma, and more. UMatter’s goal is to bring teens from a place of depression and extreme isolation to a place of hope and inclusion.

This week long campaign focuses on spreading the message that each individual matters. It consists of teacher TEDTalks, hall decorations, an essay contest, SafeTALK trainings, and more. Thanks to a generous grant from the Jewish Fund Teen Board, ten high schools hosted a UMatter Week in the 2017-2018 school year.

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