UMatter Events

Study Group

UMatter Study Group provides a fun environment for teens to connect with other teens, while also being productive. Drop into Friendship Circle on Wednesday nights anytime between 4:30pm – 9:00pm. Snacks are on us! Bring your homework (and your own dinner, if you wish)!

Fact Finding Mission

The Teen Fact Finding Mission is an interactive, three-day, educational trip providing the opportunity for Jewish teenagers to learn the scope of the mental health epidemic in their community. The mission will be an immersive, deep dive at agencies tackling the wide scope of mental health in Southeast Michigan. Activities include facility tours, meetings with mental health professionals, presentations, and interactive discussions. Through this experience, teenagers will learn about each agency’s mission, programs and resources, how they do or do not collaborate with one another, and how this impacts patients as well as the broader Metro Detroit community. Participants will also acquire knowledge and tools that will be used to develop solutions to better support those with mental health challenges through friendship and inclusion, all while bonding with other teen leaders from our community.

This program is supported by the Stephen H. Schulman Millennium Fund for Jewish Youth.

One Thing I Wish You Knew

UMatter is proud to present our community event, “One Thing I Wish You Knew.” This event will focus on members of our community and how their attempts to overcome challenges have often felt isolating and alienating.

This event will highlight the vulnerability and honesty of telling the people in our lives what we wish they knew about our journeys. We will highlight multiple relationships that teens in our community have, including parent-child, sibling-sibling, and friend-friend, and the difficulty of sharing what occurs beneath the surface. How do we tell the people we care about how we are feeling, when oftentimes it is hard to put into words?

This event that focuses on our community mental health will be accompanied by a community resource fair and light dessert reception.

Friendship Circle, Friendship House, and the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety welcome all members of our community to join us.

UMatter Teen Talks

Teen Talks is a teen support program that occurs monthly at Friendship Circle. Teens gather in small groups to have an open conversation about mental health, mental illness, suicide, hope, strength, and more, in a safe environment. Each Teen Talk is focused around a theme such as Stress, Positive Thinking, One Thing I Wish My Parent Knew, Hope, Exams and other teen-friendly topics.

Guardian of the Golden Gate

UMatter brought in motivational speaker, Kevin Briggs, who discussed his experience as a Golden Gate Bridge patrolman. In a sobering, deeply personal talk Briggs shared stories from those he’s spoken with — and listened to — while they were standing on the edge of life. This event brought awareness to over 350 people.

No More Running: Living with Social Anxiety Disorder

Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams was born in San Diego in 1977 where he excelled not only in football, but also in baseball and track. Throughout his football career and into his retirement, Ricky has been an advocate for those suffering from the personality disorders from which he himself has suffered. Ricky joined the UMatter campaign to share his personal experience of living with Social Anxiety Disorder. This event captured the attention of almost 400 people.