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Miracle League Baseball

4 Bases, 3 Strikes, and 15 Amazing Moments from Miracle League

Over the last three months over 30 children with special needs participated in this summer’s Miracle League,. Participants were able to enjoy the thrill of playing baseball just like typically-developing children.

In honor of this season’s Miracle League ending, we would like to present to you a visual story comprised of 15 special moments from Miracle League.

Being a participant of Miracle League is a pretty big thing to be proud of.

14730326090_ef90e82a4e_oEven if you’re the Play-By-Play Announcer, like Steve Peck

It’s not about the trophies-but we won’t deny that we love earning them.

14916986145_234d54d475_oAnd Brendan certainly isn’t refusing his trophy as he poses with Coach Phil.

It’s about spending quality time with our best buds (aka: the volunteers),

Like Nicholas and Jodi, who enjoy spending quality time together.

And working hard to be our very best.

As we can see Lila here focusing before swinging her bat.

It’s about keeping our eye on the ball, and knowing when to swing.

Which is exactly what little Leila is doing.

Miracle League is about teamwork and making it from base to base.

See how Maryrose with volunteer Lisa are working together to make it Home?

It’s also about trying to catch the ball,

Reaching out for it like Josh is with volunteer Blake.

Chasing down that ball, no matter how far,

With the same determination that Alex has.

And getting the ball back to the pitcher when it’s time to.

Travis does such a great job delivering the ball to the pitcher.

When it’s in the heat of the game, we still communicate with our buddies.

Just like Connor is with volunteer Hari.

Miracle League is about the pride we have when we become a Home Run Hero.

Look how proud Drew is!

It’s about the instinct we get to run Home because we’re cutting it close.

Watch how fast Jonathan is flying by!

It’s about reaching for the sky to achieve your goals

As Evan goes airborne to reach home plate!

But at the end of the day, the best part of Miracle League is the Friendship!

High-fiver Shoshana and volunteer Sanjana.

But we still really do love getting those medals.

Just like Miracle Medalist Arjun.

Friendship Circle Celebrates Purim In The Ballpark

Purim at the ballpark

On Sunday, February 24, Friendship Circle hosted a Family Purim Party for participants of Friendship Circle. The party called “Purim In The Ballpark” saw participants dressed up in baseball uniforms and other costumes.

Parents and Children were able to participate in a number of Purim activities including listening to the Megillah, making Hamentashen and decorating special Purim “baseball” cards.
Special sports activities included  blow up baseball, bouncy castles, cotton candy and more. A special guest appearance was made by PAWS, the Detroit Tigers mascot.

Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people, in the year 356 bce, from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.” To celebrate this day, we read the megillah, give gifts of food to one another and dress up in costumes. To learn more about Purim visit chabad.org/purim

Check out all of the pictures below.

Friendship Circle Announces Programs For Summer 2013

Summer ProgramsRecently Friendship Circle announced it’s schedule for summer of 2013.  Every year Friendship Circle evaluates all of its programs and looks to add to and enhance the current slate of programs. For the summer of 2013 we have some exciting new announcements. Read below to learn more about summer programs.

Four Weeks Of Summer Camp

We are happy to announce that we will be offering four weeks of summer camp to campers of all abilities. New for 2013, Social Camp  will be open to individuals of all abilities!

Social Summer Camp is an innovative four week program that will combine learning critical social skills with a fun and engaging camp experience.

Camp will follow a traditional camp format of campers being divided into groups or bunks based on age. Camp will have high staff to camper ratios and will provide one-on-one volunteers on an as-needed basis.

Overnight Camp

New For 2013! Friendship Circle, The Bear Hug Foundation and St. Francis Camp on the Lake are teaming up to create an incredible overnight camp experience.

Friendship Circle will be traveling to Jerome, Michigan for a Five day, Four night stay at St. Francis Camp. St. Francis Camp is a beautiful state-of-the-art, handicap accessible 36-acre site. It includes 19 acres of waterfront, a sandy beach, rustic woods, developed nature trails, sports areas and two beautiful cedar lodges where campers and counselors are housed.

Lose The Training Wheels

Due to popular demand we will once again be offering the Lose The Training Wheels Bike Clinic!  Friendship Circle is partnering with I Can Shine (Formerly known as Lose The Training Wheels) to teach children with special needs how to ride a two wheel bicycle.

This program has been made possible thanks in part to a grant from the Autism Society – Oakland County Chapter

Miracle League

Friendship Circle and Miracle League will once again join together to give children with special needs the chance to be part of a real baseball league.

This program takes place on Miracle League’s state-of-the art field located in Southfield, Michigan. This custom designed field accommodates wheelchairs and prevents injuries to ensure fun and exciting games throughout the summer.

To learn more about each program and to register for summer programs visit www.friendshipcircle.org/summer.


Another Successful Miracle League Season [Pictures]

Miracle League BaseballYesterday Friendship Circle completed another great season of Miracle League Baseball. Friendship Circle and Miracle League join together to allow children with special needs the chance to be part of a real baseball league. Check out some of these great pictures of America’s Pastime.