There Is a Fly in My Soup

Curated by Nick Kramer and Leslie Rogers

Date: March 20, 2020 - May 24, 2020
Opening: March 19, 6pm - 8pm

Exhibiting Artists
Kyle Aldrich, Erica Allah, Rachel Baldwin, Jonathan Barnett, Zakareha Bouie-Steverson, Felicia Bowers, Esther Brodman, Ari Chekan, Danna Ciaramitaro, Austin Denoyer, Meghan Donley, David Driker, Adam Egrin, Andy Feinberg, Nick Frye, Alyssa Gold, Hunter Goodman, Ben Hirsch, Jay Hoddess, Stephanie Harris, Jordan Hartz, Fabian Israel, Blake Jackson, Ashlyn Kirk, Dovid Last, Andrew Lipsitt, Jason Luckoff, Alex McDonald, Mackenzie Matlen, Caryn Martel, Brian Nanry, Marlee Phillips, Jenna Rosen, Mary Rubenaker, Joseph Shammami, Robert Shaw, Christina Shelton, Kevan Shink, Harjaap Singh, Dylan Somberg, Adam Sturdevant, Cquatramane Taylor, Nick Wecker, Aislinn Wendrow

Diner: Waiter, waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?!
Waiter: The backstroke.

It’s an old, bad joke. The diner’s anger is tempered by the waiter’s appreciation of the fly’s ability to swim. It is an outrage to be served soup with a fly in it, but the diner fails to see the wonder right before their eyes – a fly that can do the backstroke!

There Is a Fly in My Soup presents recent artworks by over 40 soul studio artists working in a variety of media. In this exhibition, we celebrate outstanding performances hidden in plain sight. It may not be what you ordered, but take a moment to delight in the unexpected and the extraordinary – the fly in the soup.