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Curated by Anthony Marcellini and Mia Serafini

Date: January 16, 2020 - March 8, 2020
Opening: January 16, 6pm - 8pm

Soul Studio is inaugurating the 2020 election year with AMERICA, an exhibition exploring the land of the free. In this show, Soul artists explore the many stories, sites and objects that make up our great nation; from its sumptuous food, to its glorious technology, to its majestic architecture and landscapes, to its common, famous, and even infamous citizens. Go big, go brave, go bold, go AMERICA.

Participating Artists: Jonathan Barnett, Alec Bernard, Felicia Bowers, Danna Ciaramitaro, Adam Egrin, Corie Fauer, Andy Feinberg, Teddy Fitzmaurice, Nick Gammichia, Stephanie Harris, Becky Hulverson, Fabian Israel, Blake Jackson, David Kole, Andrew Lipsitt, Jason Luckoff, Mackenzie Matlen, Deon Middlebrook, Sam Morris, Devorah Newman, Danielle Rahmoeller, Jon Reinheimer, Josh Reynolds, Joseph Shammami, Robert Shaw, Kevan Shink, Adam Sturdevant, Jenny Stewart, Harjaap Singh, Casandra Thomas, and Elyse Weinbaum.