Soul Studio serves adult artists with special needs who are interested in exploring their creativity. We require no previous art experience, only a desire to attend the studio program and a willingness to engage in the art making processes. Participation in the program is determined on a case by case basis. There is a fee to attend our program (listed below) but scholarships and reduced pricing are available, determined through conversation with our staff.

The studio is open from 10am-3pm with a 40 min break for lunch in between. To participate you are required to sign up for at least one whole day or two half days. If you spend the full day with us you should bring your own lunch or money to purchase food from the Soul Cafe. Soul Studio cannot administer medication to artists during the program and cannot assist with daily toileting issues.

How to get started at Soul Studio

Step 1: Fill out the form below expressing your interest in our program.

Step 2: We will contact you to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Step 3: You and your support person should tour the facility. At the end of the tour, if the studio seems like a good fit, we will schedule a trial day.

Step 4: Participate in a two hour trial day in the studio to experience what being an artist in the Soul Studio is like.

Step 5: If the trial day is successful, we will send you forms to register for the Soul Studio program. The first three months of enrollment are a trial period. This gives an opportunity to fully integrate into the program. After the first 3 months we will evaluate your experience and discuss continued involvement.