Megan Donley
Bright and vibrant perfectly describe both Megan and her art. Megan’s natural tendency toward patterns and repetition offer the perfect platform for her expressions and explorations of color. “What I like most about my art is the colors, vibrant colors make me feel happy.” The bright colors in Megan’s work are a true expression of her effervescent personality. “My favorite thing about art is that you can express yourself”.
Jared Hyman
Jared weaves in a calm, almost meditative fashion, perfectly regulating his movements to maintain the utmost consistency in his work. It is as if he is responding to the unique personality and voice of each individual thread. “Making something makes me feel good.” This sense of peace he displays as he weaves is carried over into each finished piece with a projection of calm energy and restorative inspiration.
Nick Gammicchia
Nick finds inspiration in the stories and characters that compose the world of Disney as well as the craft used to portray it. Cartooning as a mode of storytelling allows Nick to explore and define his own narratives, at times comical than terrifying. “When people see my art, I want them to feel happy, then scared. Good art takes you through all the emotions.” Nick is also invested in researching the history of his art form, often naming legendary Disney conceptual artists such as Mary Blair as his inspiration. Through his artwork, Nick melds fiction with real emotion to illustrate what is worth living for – a happy ending.
Andy Feinberg
Andy has an insatiable curiosity about fibers. He explores the yarns and selects an array of varying color and texture. He does not prefer structured, pre-planning of his pieces but rather lets them unfold spontaneously as he weaves. “I like to learn how to do new kinds of art. Art makes me feel special because I’m learning to do new things.” Andy’s art is an expression of his individuality and inquisitive spirit.
Devorah Newman
Devorah enjoys making woven pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Her exciting use of color and texture imbues each piece with tributes to her own personal style. She is methodical in her weaving practice, but never stagnant. She is consistently delighted as she sees the fibers, each with their own character, developing into patterns as she weaves.
Lindsay Pringle
Lindsay is excited about every phase of the creative process – choosing the subject matter, selecting materials, experimenting with new techniques, and diligently working at her process as her artwork unfolds to her consistent delight. Lindsay’s artwork is often portraiture-based. “I like to draw and paint people who are happy. I want people to look at my happy faces and feel happy, too.”
Becky Hulverson
Becky is a meticulous artist who works without pencils or sketches, preferring to create her finished pen drawings in one take. Simple but precise lines along with carefully chosen detail lend a clean but whimsical quality to her pieces. Becky’s presence in the studio is a stark contrast to her careful and intimate artwork. Boisterous and energetic, Becky is a constant source of humor and interaction to her fellow artists
Sam Morris
Sam lives his life with a contagious joyfulness and appreciation for his environment. His artwork is a very direct expression of that joy, and reflection of the world around him. “What I love most about art is creating colors. Colors are important to me, like for example blue feels sunshiny and huggable, like having my shades open on a bright sunny day. When I make art it makes me feel so good, I hope my art makes other people feel so good. I want to inspire people.”
Lea Pollack
Lea's approach to art is a true reflection of his approach to life – bold, adventurous, and unabashed. Lea has eagerly experimented in nearly every media available to him, throwing himself fully into each process. “To me it’s really cool how a couple jars of paint can become a picture, or a few strings can become a blanket, scarf, or rug.” Lea is proudly a self-described nerd, and much of his art reflects his enthusiasm for that culture.
Stephanie Harris
To Stephanie, art and storytelling are inseparable. Stephanie is energized by the opportunity to merge important events in her life into her creative process, rendering expressive and vivid paintings that capture specific moments and narratives she wishes to share. Stephanie’s process offers a juxtaposition to the carefully chosen subject matter behind each of her pieces, as she paints and draws with abandon, preferring large movements and loose gestures to tell her visual stories.
Ian Lennox
Ian is very explorative in his process, and enjoys experimenting with new fibers and techniques. He is a thoughtful artist who speaks of the power of human hands and energy. His pieces are more than just examples of technical achievement, but are imbued with the expression of his own ideas and emotion that enrich each piece beyond it’s practical value.
Aislinn Wendrow
Aislinn is an inspiringly process focused multi-media artist. She enjoys the movement of her body engaged in her work, whether weaving, wrapping, or painting. Aislin’s artwork is an expression of the rhythm she finds in each moment as she interacts with each element in a unique way, creating works that are almost a byproduct of her personal relationship with her materials.
Casandra Thomas
Cassandra is an expressive artist, promoting themes of love, endurance, and courage. Her powerful artwork mirrors her inner strength, utilizing bold lines and vibrant color to give voice to the cultural statements she conveys. Like her personality, her artwork is an enjoyable blend of playful whimsy and assertive presence.
Dylan Somberg
Dylan is an incredibly energetic artist, flowing with ideas and creativity. Dylan is hungry to try any new medium he can get his hands on, but is most interested in using technology to enhance his geometric creations, including computer design and laser cutting and engraving.
Adam Egrin
Adam has an unstoppable urge to create, and will do so with any materials he finds. He is always looking for his next creation, eyeing scraps of wood, foam, paper, tape or string, to create musical instruments, vehicles, robots or animals.
David Kole
David Kole is a multidisciplinary artist producing woodworking, ceramics, drawings and paintings. His artwork is connected through his graphic design-like sense of composition, pop colors, and subtle sense of humor. The appearance of David’s work is largely abstract, but each piece makes subtle reference to scenes from David’s life, often with functional components. David has been a participating artist at the Soul Studio since 2015.
Felicia Bowers
Felicia’s determination is matched only by her eagerness to create. Using her right foot and eye tracking software to create her work, Felicia combines traditional painting with digital illustration to create her unusual works. Felicia’s process is as engaging and fun to observe as her final artworks.
Sue Cooper
Susan has her own unique and creative voice. Her bright, cheerful colors provide visual appeal and a sense of beauty to her fiber pieces. Her color scheme is very deliberate, as well as her harmonization of the hues, shades and tints of the yarns, giving a sense of vivacious vibrancy. Her creations are fiber mosaics filled with labyrinths of intricate interactions of color and texture. There is an ease to the pieces of fiber as they touch and transition, creating movement and flow within all of her projects. Susan’s work has evolved into an intuitive process of careful execution, capturing her one-of-a-kind ideas, as well as the essence of her engaging personality.
Danna Cicaramitaro
Danna’s mantra when she paints is “big time,” and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Both Danna’s paintings and her approach to them are bold and decisive. She often uses her canvas to recreate her dreams, bringing life to each scene with quick, broad strokes of vivid color. These large works are often completed in a single sitting, as if she is trying to get the imagery onto the canvas while the memory is still fresh.
Dovid Last
Dovid’s thought process of creation, as well as his handling and manipulation of materials, are important elements of his work. He has a true respect for the art of weaving and takes his commitment to the craft seriously. He is willing to put in the necessary time, which is clearly evident in the meticulous structure and beauty of each of his pieces. His face lights up when asked to explain his art and intentions, and he makes a true connection with his audience. He has even started to teach curious onlookers about weaving by having them sit at his loom while he instructs them in taking the beginning steps of the process.
Fabian Israel
Fabian renders his eye-catching and detailed landscapes using a rare and challenging alla prima approach. He completes each painting in one sitting, layering and blending each stroke while the paint beneath it is still wet. Fabian carefully applies paint directly to his canvas or brush, mixing color right where it will rest onto his final scene without a palette. Adding further uniqueness to his approach, Fabian creates each scene without a reference, pulling imagery from his memory or imagination.
Aly Minnix
Aly has a very gentle way of manipulating fiber. This quality, along with her precise nature of weaving and focus on technique, allows her to produce fiber art of good quality. She is self-guided with inherent motivation and intentionality. She plans each project with a visual image in her mind and expresses surprise and joy as she weaves her mental pictures into reality. When Aly finally removes her piece from the loom, she stands proud as she reviews her original goal and the steps that brought her to her latest accomplishment. With the very following breath, she starts to describe her next woven picture.
Andrea Lee
Andrea approaches each fiber project with a sense of discovery, wonder and joy. She starts weaving without any true preconceived ideas as to imagery, and finds so many simple surprises as she guides the yarns through the weave. Colors and textures spring out of her pieces as she explores and experiments spontaneously. Andrea’s work allows her to discover the wonderful possibilities that fiber arts can provide. Her curiosity of creation and pleasure of self-expression is evident in all of her pieces.
Jacob Barron
Jacob puts a lot of thought into his artwork both figuratively and literally, his thought processes and observations of the world are translated into his work through his penmanship. He often creates his work and is very careful in planning what he wants his next step to be. Jacob shows a real eagerness to learn, he also enjoys working in the woodshop and creating functional art.
Jordan Hartz
Jordan's style, expressionistic yet detailed, demonstrates his concentration in his work as well as his excitement in discovering new ways to make his images. Jordan often goes between rendering a precise image that he has pre-planned, and making paintings in reaction to abstract images he creates through experimental printmaking. No moment or potential opportunity for inspiration is wasted.
Christina Shelton
Christina finds her inspiration in the meditative combination of movement and color. Christina will fill an entire piece of paper with an accumulation of marks made by a variety of mediums, and always carefully-chosen colors. The relationships between her hues are precise and articulated.
Rachel Fallert
Fascinated by people and the humor she sees in everyday occurrences, Rachel always creates her artwork with infectious abandon. She is also energized by experiencing and learning about new materials and processes to make her creations. Whether it’s a painting, creating a ceramic sculpture, or weaving a textile, Rachel is always consumed by the thing she is working on and excited by where it can take her.
Andrew Lipsitt
Andrew’s approaches each project with the same, if not more, energy than he did the last one. His enthusiasm is infectious and his ideas are clear, ensuring Andrew's time in the studio is always productive and joyous.
Dylan Yates
Dylan focuses on such a specific subject matter - dinosaurs and what the world was like when they were alive - that he is able to carry it from material to material. Whether drawing, painting, using ceramics, or making sculptures, Dylan's ability to form the material to his muse (such as a Brontosaurus) is a sign of a surefooted artist.
Edwina Mahone
Edwina is simultaneously enthusiastic and direct in her creative actions. Her primary interests are found in discovering new materials and composing collage materials to her liking.
Jonathan Barnett
Jonathan is an artist of singular vision, working exclusively in self-portraiture. Though his subject matter is consistent, his execution incorporates a multitude of media and color including drawing, painting and sculpture.
Elyse Weinbaum
With a degree in fashion merchandising and design, Elyse is no stranger to fabric and fashion. Formerly involved in fabric selection for men’s clothing, Elyse now applies her experience and unique fashion sense to constructing purses, bags, or woven goods in the studio.
Kevan Shink
Kevan is a self-motivated artist who knows exactly what he wants to make. He loves architecture and is drawn to the combination of fine art and design, through this he is exploring the depiction of interior spaces vs exterior.
Alyssa Gold
Alyssa finds most comfort in structure and understanding its intricacies. The plans for the week, the schedule of a day, or the beads on a string. Each are composed and communicated with a high degree of consideration and never with randomness or chance. When Alyssa, who happens to be visually impaired, inspects the beads she intends on using in any given project she carefully inspects the feel and shape both her her fingers and the skin on her face. Every strand of beads is a careful composition in and of itself.
Blake Jackson
Blake has an easy going and humorous personality that can be seen through his work. He really enjoys the female personality and loves to paint and draw people he admires. He enjoys the immediacy of working with paint and canvas, and loves to share his work with others.
Brad Bittker
Brad’s enthusiasm in learning new techniques and applications that allow him to form his ideas is always present in the studio. Whether in ceramics, paint, or paper mache, Brad investigates his materials then applies them to his interests and ultimately finds a new one.
Jon Reinheimer
Jon possesses an immense imagination that he focuses on fictional stories complete with heroes, villains, and their respective motivations. Similar to Hollywood summer blockbusters, these stories are filled with intrigue, espionage, and international relations gone bad. As a counterweight to his grand tales, Jon also takes pleasure in creating long lists of local and national sport or political figures. Jon enjoys himself the most when he is surrounded by materials that allow him to take part in both his creative passions, his grand schemes and listing those he admires.
Mackenzie Matlen
Mackenzie, or Mack-O, has an insatiable appetite for making sculptures that imitate her favorite fictional characters and animals. Her insistence on getting details right, such as the proportions of a tail or a head, is inspiring and helps motivate everyone she collaborate with.
Rebbeca Ruth
Rebecca approaches her artmaking with both delicacy and deliberateness. Her subjects are always thought of and considered with precision, characteristics replicated in her mark making and approach to the studio.
Lauren Ettinger
Lauren’s vibrant personality is reflected in her art. Her choice of colors and subject matter mirror her ever-upbeat disposition in the studio. Lauren most often creates works filled with “flowers”, executing her signature pattern in a variety of color and media.
Erica Allah
Erica's presence in the studio is marked most strongly by her enthusiasm to learn and explore. She is an energetic artist, often looking to her fellow artists for inspiration, and eager to experiment in whatever medium catches her eye.
Sheila Rosenthal
Sheila works in a variety of media including drawing, painting, and pastel. When creating her work, Sheila’s primary focus is on color selection. While Sheila makes eye-catching art in both representational and abstract styles, she is equally at home in either approach as long as she has a palette of vibrant colors with which to work.
Brian Nanry
Brian is fascinated by terrains of alien planets. He is the first, and probably the only person, to provide intricate maps and models of planets yet to be discovered. He works rapidly and will employ paint, drawing, ceramics, and any other materials to make sure the texture and surfaces of the places he envisions are true to form.
Corie Fauer
Alex McDonald
Gentle artist with a real eye for detail, drawn to mechanics and how things operate and often translates those movements into his work. His favorite subject matters are centered on trains and transformers.
Alec Bernard
Alec is a passionate artist who brings a focused intensity to his art practice. He makes meticulously rendered drawings, with detailed linework in vibrant colors. He subject matter is varied, ranging from abstract to representational imagery.
Alexa Morris
Alexa is a storyteller. Her artwork is not just a snapshot but holds a distinct narrative, which she tells through multiple media. Alexa is also a very accomplished weaver and woodworker. In both she displays care and precision along with a distinctive sense of color.
Austin Denoyer
Austin's artwork is reminiscent of the color field school of painters. She uses repeating brush strokes of bright hues to create saturated fields of warm color. She covers every inch of her artwork with consistent brush strokes and occasionally hides familiar symbols amidst her abstractions.
Batya Brodman
Batya is fascinated with space exploration and the possibilities for other sentient life in the universe. Many of her artworks can be understood as letters or messages addressed to our extraterrestrial cousins, explaining human life and resilience.
Chris VanderVoort
In his demeanor and artwork Chris brings an infectious vivaciousness to Soul Studio. He is particularly drawn to 3D media, sculpture and ceramics, which he confidently forms into rugged, yet distinct utilitarian forms.
Christian Conrad
Christian is a very perceptive artist, constantly analyzing and interpreting the world around him. In his art he is drawn to bright colors, definitive linework and strong contrasts. His subject matter spans from abstract networks to familiar domestic scenes.
Danielle Rahmoeller
Danielle uses computer programing combined with careful handwork to make her artworks. Her artworks range from representational to abstract forms, and reference midcentury modernism. She is particularly excited by kinetic and functional art which she develops through a imaginative yet purposeful approach.
David Driker
Although initially uncertain about his art making abilities David has bloomed into a confident and complex artist. He is very driven by the art making process, and his artwork presents his keen sense of design, pattern, and composition.
Dominic Hotz
Dominic is an energetic creator in the studio with an infectious smile and enthusiasm. He has repeatedly demonstrated his wish to take on new challenges and relishes in finishing what he begins, and learning from his experiences to make sure the next project is that much better for it.
Esther Brodman
Esther is an extremely diligent and exacting artist. She takes a rigorous approach to all her projects, giving them her focused and unwavering attention until they are completed to her precise standards.
Jason Luckoff
Jason uses strong linework, dynamic colors and powerful contrasts, to translate images from film and television into expressionistic and often abstract compositions. His artworks blur the lines between representational and abstract compositions, which vibrate with energy.
Mitchell Kaufman
Mitchell is a very sociable artist who enjoys the camaraderie of the studio environment. In his artwork he is motivated by puns and humor, sometimes more irreverent that reverent. With his skills in computer graphics he produces digital artworks but has also recently been exploring plush sculpture.
Nick Frye
Nick is an artist who draws inspiration from the masters.He enjoys being challenged and is quick to pick up new skills and abilities. He is willing to explore the unknown yet finds comfort in boundaries.
Nick Wecker
Nick is a very gregarious artist. He loves to be social when he creates. People serve as his inspiration, yet his work is driven by repetitive actions and cyclical linework, which he creates quickly and spontaneously.
Rachel Baldwin
Rachel is an accomplished and precise ceramicist. She is influenced by objects from the natural world and design, which she combines into realistic ceramic sculptures and whimsical functional objects.
Robert Shaw
Robert is fascinated by the lives of humans and animals, their habitats, and sometimes their cross-species relationships. His work is characterized by strong lines, bold colors and powerful contrasts.
Ron Green
Ron is excited to join the Soul Studio community. He brings joy to the studio environment, and is always curious and motivated to experiment with new materials and forms. The complexity of his artwork grows with his expanding knowledge of contemporary art.
Ted Bednark
Ted's primary focus is fibers and fashion, designing both full-size clothing and accessories, as well as clothing for small mannequins. He is an independent and highly-skilled artist, who translates his visions for vogue allure into stunning and complex designs.
Teddy Fitzmaurice
Teddy is a multifaceted gentle and caring artist. He is process driven, and often combines similar forms together in ceramics to make sculptural works. His artworks are frequently produced in hues of his favorite colors, blue and lavender.
Ari Chekan
Ari Chekan’s bombastic personality is also present in his artworks. Working in marker, watercolor and acrylic, Ari creates artworks featuring vibrant bouncing patterns of warm and cool color families. Sometimes these pieces feature text with enthusiastic slogans and proper names, seamlessly incorporated into each composition. Recently, Ari has also been exploring his dreams and memories as subject matter for new artworks. Ari has been an artist at the Soul Studio since 2019.
Drawn Together
Through drawing, painting, sculpture and collage, the Artists at Soul Studio find new ways to express their unique narratives. The Drawn Together exhibition celebrates not only the work, but also the friendships made by the many artists who explore their artistic practice in the Dresner Foundation Soul Studio. While today’s world gives us many reasons to stay apart, the Soul Studio program proves that true friends will always be drawn together. Curated by: Victor Williams