Soul Cafe Trainee Program

The Soul Café Trainee Program provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to work in an active restaurant environment. Trainees are hired by the restaurant as paid employees and receive on-the-job coaching and vocational training. Trainees learn from the restaurant staff with support from the job coach as needed. Trainees work in all areas of the restaurant: food prep, bussing tables, front of house, washing dishes, and as the barista assistant. While on the job they develop and build strategies that allow them to be successful in the workplace, including social skills, work-related anxiety, planning and organizational skills, and functional job skills. Trainees that graduate from the program will be able to transfer their skills to a variety of workplaces to become successful employees.

Program Details:

Ages: 18 years of older
Requirements: Individuals who are physically able to be on their feet for 4 hour periods, able to physically move in the café and carry/balance items safely, Complete work tasks with minimal assistance once trained.
Time Commitment: Trainees work a minimum of two 4 hour sessions a week
Program Dates: Sessions begin the first of January, April, July and October.

Pricing varies dependent on trainee support necessary (per 3 month session). The Cafe Trainee program is reviewed quarterly. Reviews are completed at the end of each quarter. For more info go to

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 248-788-8600

Soul Cafe
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