The Power of Art Lies in Self-Expression

DETROIT — Mirror, Mirror at College for Creative Studies’ Center Galleries is a complex, engaging, and unique presentation of fully realized works by 14 artists who all exhibit extraordinary and singular visions. Curated by artist Anthony Marcellini in conjunction with Center Galleries Director Michelle Perron, the installation demonstrates the power of a keen curatorial hand in balancing a host of dramatic and dynamic works — each one given its own space, but situated with an eye for unexpected conversations across a range of bright colors and unconventional materials.

Soul Studio Displays Art at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit

Alyssa Gold has been blind since infancy, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a prolific visual artist. She creates long strings of beads she nets into large webs, creating works of art that are both spontaneous and ordered. Her work, along with work from 12 other artists from the Friendship Circle Soul Studio, will be on display in “Mirror, Mirror” at Center Galleries at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit through March.

College for Creative Studies exhibits work of artists with special needs

DETROIT — A new exhibit at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit is recognizing the work of local artists with special needs. The new exhibit is highlighting art from the Soul Studio, an art studio and gallery in West Bloomfield. Fourteen artists who work at the studio have pieces on display within the Center Gallery, located inside the Manoogian Visual Resource Center on the CCS campus.

West Bloomfield artists with special needs display work at Detroit exhibit

Artists with special needs from Friendship Circle’s Soul Studio in West Bloomfield are currently featuring their works of art at the College for Creative Studies’ mixed media exhibit “Mirror, Mirror.” The exhibit debuted on Jan. 30 at Center Galleries at the Manoogian Visual Resource Center, 301 Frederick Douglass, Detroit, and will continue through March 30.

Special needs artists shine in ‘Mirror, Mirror’ exhibition at CCS

Since 1994, the Friendship Circle has provided inclusive social and creative opportunities for special needs adults in search of a platform to express themselves. An extension of the organization’s art programming, which also includes restaurant skills and bakery training, is Friendship Circle Soul Studio — which will post up at the CCS Center Galleries through March 30 with its Mirror, Mirror exhibition. Produced and compiled over the past two years, the exhibit’s vibrant large-scale works range from animated sculptural tapestries to intricately beaded curtains and abstract expressionist paintings. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Woman with cerebral palsy creates art with her eyes

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MICHIGAN (WDIV) — When she was just 5-months-old Felicia Bowers was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. That diagnosis hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams of being an artist, and now some high-tech tools are allowing her to create in a whole new way. At the Soul Studio in West Bloomfield, Michigan art and inspiration is around every corner, and that’s where Bowers is hard at work.

Holiday shoppers will find All the Small Things at Soul Studio’s annual gift show.

They say big things come in small packages and that’s certainly true at the Friendship Circle Farber Center in West Bloomfield. The Dresner Foundation Soul Studio recently unveiled its annual holiday gift show filled with colorful, creative, handmade items made by artists with special needs. Things like hand-woven pillows, mini ceramic tumblers, Judaica and more are on display and available for purchase. This year’s exhibition is titled All the Small Things.

Friendship Circle Stars on TEDx

TEDx Detroit hosted Friendship Circle Director Bassie Shemtov and Felicia Bowers, an artist with cerebral palsy, on its stage. Every day, miracles happen at the Soul Studio inside Friendship Circle as artists with special needs discover hidden talents they never knew they had. But, the story of Felicia Bowers is one for the record books. The 27-year-old from West Bloomfield, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 5 months old, is drawing incredible portraits that make people stop and stare. And she’s doing it in a way no one ever expected.

The Friendship Circle Artist Who Draws With Her Eyes

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich.—Felicia Bowers’ smile was the size of Lake Michigan when she received the latest update on the number of Facebook viewers who have watched the “Art Through Felicia’s Eyes” video. “You just broke 1 million!” exclaimed Bassie Shemtov, co-founder and director (with her husband, Rabbi Levi) of Friendship Circle. Within a few hours, the number of viewers had already jumped to 1.2 million.