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Tuesday, December 13th

Mom get off the runway, I’m cleared for takeoff!

An important seminar on transitioning your child with special needs into adulthood.

From the moment their kids are diagnosed with differences, parents and caregivers all do the same thing: obsess with questions about their children’s future.
  • Will they finish high school?
  • Find love?
  • Drive a car?
  • Live alone?
  • Have someone to care for them when their caregivers are gone?
In their newest presentation, best-selling authors and imperfect sisters, Patricia Terrasi and Gina Gallagher, chronicle their journey of raising their children with disabilities to adulthood. Through their humorous anecdotes and personal and professional experiences, the authors will share their successes and failures, (they have plenty to choose from) and provide tips to prepare you and your child for that mysterious journey ahead. In their own imperfect way, Patty and Gina will show you how to
  • Navigate the ever-present mourning process of where your child was supposed to be.
  • Guide your child toward their interests.
  • Help you get a life (well at least one outside of your child’s).
  • Survive your child’s dating years.
  • Visit cemeteries and other places where your special driver can’t kill you.
  • Practice self care.
  • Access transition services available to your child.
  • Let them fly.
This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. Course approval #: B112216-05.

Gina (Terrasi) Gallagher & Patricia Terrasi

Gina and Patricia are sisters and authors of the best-selling parenting book “Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid.” The Massachusetts-based authors speak at parenting, mental health, and educational conferences around the country and have been featured on CNN and in several national radio and print media outlets. They are creators of a worldwide Facebook community with 800,000 special needs parents, caregivers, and clinicians from around the world.

Gina is a Hatch award-winning freelance copywriter who resides in Massachusetts with her husband, Mike; daughters Katie and Emily; and imperfect dog Max (who has poor eye contact and a bilateral motor integration issue).

Patricia is the Director of Family Services, in Developmental Services, speaker, and videographer. The mother of three children, Julianne, Jennifer, and Michael, she resides in Marlborough, MA, with her dog, Rocky and her noisy parakeet, Scooter.