Each year, Friendship Circle welcomes a handful of interns to assist the staff in the following areas. If you are interested in applying for an internship at Friendship Circle, complete the form below.


Friendship Circle is looking for a Photographer/Videographer to help document Friendship Circle’s Programs and events. Responsibilities Include: taking photos/video at programs and special events, editing and organizing photos/video and creating short video clips for YouTube.

Tech/Social Media Genius

Looking for a tech/social media genius who will work behind the scenes with Friendship Circle staff on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In addition you will help manage Friendship Circle’s Blog, SEO and Google Adwords.

Special Education

If you plan on a career in special education, Friendship Circle is a great place to gain crucial hands-on experience. Work with the staff on our 15 weekly programs that are tailored to nurture physical, cognitive and social skills for individuals with special needs.

More Opportunities

With a large, expanding community of supporters, families and volunteers, Friendship Circle is constantly moving forward with new projects and programs. If you feel that you can contribute let us know below!