In addition to the meetings our programs help strengthen our community. Join us at a barbeque or in any of our jewish support services.

Lunch N Learn

Weekly lunchtime study class, open to all those seeking to broaden and enrich their knowledge of Jewish history, philosophy and tradition according to the Torah and Kabbalistic interpretation. Lunch is provided.

Social Events

Participants come together throughout the year to socialize and have a good time in a safe and sober environment. Whether at a Barbeque, a bowling event, or game night it’s a great way to meet new friends in recovery, and meet up with old ones! People take this opportunity to celebrate milestones together and give each other support.


The Friendship House Library has more than 500 volumes on recovery, self-help and Jewish spirituality. The original collection was donated by Irene and Rick Soble and is continually being expanded as new resources become available.

Recovery Community

Those who have struggled through difficult periods and returned to healthier lifestyles are in the best position to help those currently in need. The Friendship House has been very successful in creating a community environment where Jewish people in recovery can meet their peers, form supportive relationships, and enjoy alcohol-free events such as monthly Shabbat dinners and holiday celebrations.

Referral Service

From therapists to government agencies to treatment facilities, the Friendship House staff is able to refer addicts, people in isolation, and their loved ones to the services they need. We have referral agreements with a number of agencies in the community.

Friendship Rabbi

The primary mission and focus of the friendship house rabbi is to reach out to those in isolation and crisis and provide spiritual support and friendship.

Rabbi’s Weekly Thought

Enter into Shabbos with an inspirational email from Rabbi Yarden highlighting the week’s Torah portion as it relates to common issues relevant to addiction and recovery. Click Here to sign up.

One-on-One Visits

The friendship house rabbi is available for one-on-one visits of support, spiritual guidance, and friendship. To schedule a visit for yourself or for a friend click here.

In addition to the recovery programs and meetings offered at the Friendship House, there are also many additional resources designed especially for those who want to connect Judaism and recovery available through

Jewish Recovery Retreat

The Friendship house hosts a yearly spiritual retreat. To learn more about this retreat click here.

Shabbos Dinners

Program participants, along with their friends and family members, have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious alcohol-free Friday night dinner in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support.

Jewish Holiday Programs

Enhance your celebration, knowledge and enjoyment of the Jewish holidays by joining the Friendship House in a variety of holiday themed sober events. Bring your friends and family members to our annual Chanukah parties, Purim celebrations and Sukkot dinners. Holidays become more fun and meaningful when you celebrate with the Friendship House.