Meer Family Friendship Center is home to 40 after school programs. The goal for these programs is to offer true friendship, respite and support to children with special needs and their families. Each child is paired with a teen volunteer, who weekly spends an hour or two with their buddy, playing and learning at Friendship Circle. During this time, buddies enjoy exploring the 29,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, including a full-size gym, cheese pit, swing room, lego room and more! These programs create meaningful, two dimensional experiences, with both the child and teen volunteer benefiting from the unconditional love and acceptance that takes place at Friendship Circle.

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This is your opportunity to give a gift of friendship that will last forever. Provide one of 80 scholarships for a child with special needs that enables them to benefit from all of Friendship Circle’s after-school activities and camps. Your gift will benefit a child in perpetuity and gives children the opportunity to develop crucial friendships with their volunteers.

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Your gift to Friendship Circle’s endowment fund is an investment in the future. One that makes an incredible difference in the lives of individuals with special needs, their families, and those struggling with isolation, addiction, and other related crises. Your gift will ensure Friendship Circle programs and facilities are available to serve the community today and in the future.

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