“I can’t imagine what life would be like without having the Friendship Circle; it’s an extension of our family.”
-Janice Kraft, mom to Hannah, who has Down Syndrome

Hannah Kraft’s body shakes with excitement whenever her mom’s car gets close to the Friendship Circle campus. She knows she is going to see her friends.

Hannah, now 16, has been participating in Friendship Circle programs since she was 2. “We attended the grand opening of LifeTown, and we never left,” her mom, Janice, says. “Hannah loves everything she does with Friendship Circle.”

The Kraft family has taken advantage of countless opportunities, from Friends at Home, bowling and life skills. Hannah’s sister, Jacqueline, has been a volunteer and camp counselor.

Among the many programs that Hannah is a part of, summer camps are her favorite. She loves the Miracle League Baseball Camp, summer day camp, and the overnight camps. There are plenty of stories to share, but this one stands out to Janice: on the bus to camp, Hannah accidentally locked herself inside the bathroom and couldn’t get out. The driver pulled the bus to the side of the road and removed the door.

No one ever told Janice about the incident after it happened. She heard about it a year later. “Parents are never burdened with the negatives or made to feel bad or embarrassed about what happens there. It’s a very non-judgmental atmosphere, a place where kids can just be themselves. Instead of being annoyed and put out, they just laugh it off. That’s the beautiful thing about Friendship Circle.”

-Kraft Family – Summer Camp

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