The Bauer Activity Wing

Since its inception in 1994, Friendship Circle’s unique facility and the Bauer Activity Wing have provided opportunities for children to learn, play and express themselves. Complete with rooms that help help with fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creative and imaginative play, the Bauer Activity Wing is the perfect place for teen volunteers and their buddies to create lasting friendships.

Gross Motor Room

Equipped with swings, a ball pit, a rock- climbing wall and therapy balls, the room is designed to facilitate the development of gross motor skills.

Tactile Room

An entire room filled with sand offers the perfect opportunity for tactile-defensive individuals to experience new senses for the first time.

Life Skills Kitchen

A full-service kitchen allows individuals to create their own recipes from scratch, prepare food and practice cleaning under the supervision of an adult volunteer.

Music & Dance Room

Filled with myriad musical instruments, the room offers individuals a chance to pretend, play and perform.

Water Room

Featuring a variety of spigots, showerheads, sprinkler systems and taps, the water room is designed to soothe, stimulate and entertain.

Art Room

With plenty of paint, paper and other art materials to practice creativity, individuals enjoy the calm and joy of free and structured art in a relaxed atmosphere.

Snoezelen Room

A multi-sensory room equipped with fiber-optic lights, soft vibrations and bubble tubes, the Snoezelen room both fascinates and calms individuals with extreme sensitivity to their surroundings.

Lego Room

This room contains thousands of legos, lego tables, and lego walls to spark the individual’s imagination and cultivate their creativity.