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BY jmietling

A Crash Course in Meltdown Management

A Crash Course in Meltdown Management

Written by: Karen Wang

Meltdowns can possess an almost mythological quality: it’s hard to believe that they even exist unless you’ve seen or experienced one firsthand. Behavior is communication, and every meltdown happens for a reason. Sometimes the stimulus is external, such as a change in routine or environment, and sometimes internal, such as physical or emotional discomfort.  It can take quite a bit of detective work to uncover the cause for a meltdown, especially when a person is nonverbal or has limited use of language. Misinformation about meltdowns is plentiful, but with practice, meltdowns can become less frequent, less intense and shorter in duration.  The chapters collected in this e-book represent the research and personal experience that I’ve gathered over the years in my efforts to help my son.

Publish Date: 2014/01/15

Pages: 31 pages

Price: $3.99

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