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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

15 Special Needs Videos from 2016 That Will Amaze and Inspire

Facebook videos became a popular way to share experiences in 2016, and frequently in our newsfeeds we found inspirational looks into the lives of people with disabilities. Here are some of our favorite special needs videos from 2016, listed in descending order of current views.

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1. Therapy Cat

2. A Teenager Named Sam

Love What Matters: “I would like to introduce you to a teenager named Sam. When he was offered a position to work at Starbucks Sam told his parents that his life had meaning. Sam was diagnosed with autism and with a movement disorder. Sam never thought he would be able to work behind the bar but his manager Chris believed in him. They turned his movements into dance and now Sam is known as the dancing barista. More people like Sam need to be seen and heard.” We agree 🙂 <3 … Read more

3. Girl Gets Doll with “A Leg Like Mine!”

Courtney Fletcher Bennett: Tears of JOY!:)… A Step Ahead Prosthetics … Thank you!

4. Sam the Starbucks Barista on Ellen

5. Argentina’s First Teacher with Down Syndrome

6. Best ABCs I Ever Heard

Friendship Circle of Michigan: How about some #Thursday #inspiration with a few smiles? If you’re having a tough day, just watch this adorable kid recite the alphabet to help you get the boost you need for today!

7. Things People with Down Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing

8. This Pizzeria Serves Up Pies All While Catering to the Deaf

9. Could You Stand the Rejection?

10. Starbucks Just Opened a Store Dedicated to Hiring Deaf Employees

11. Gondola Wheelchair Access

12. Leilany’s Surprise

Great Bike Giveaway: Meet Leilany: She is 10 years old and she entered the Great Bike Giveaway with the dream of winning a bike. Sadly she did not win but a very kind anonymous donor organized a fundraiser and watch what happened next! … read more

13. Miracle Football Clinic for Individuals with Special Needs

14. Autism Barber

15. Soul Studio Artist Felicia Bowers

Tzvi Schectman

Written on December 21, 2016 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+