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Lauren Lewis
BY Lauren Lewis

5 Crowdfunding Campaigns for the Month of June

Here is our second post spreading the word about different crowdfunding campaigns focused on special needs. Each month, we will be highlighting a few crowdfunding campaigns. If you know of any fundraising campaigns going on, please share in the comments below or reach out on LinkedIn.

1. UNDIAGNOSED: MEDICAL REFUGEES – A Groundbreaking Documentary

What would you do if you were sick everyday for the rest of your life, and no one could tell you why? What if no one could help you? How would you feel if your only option was to remain stuck in an endless loop of disease and helplessness? For many, this is reality. An undiagnosed illness does not discriminate. It is a devastation that lurks in every one of us. Now is the time for awareness and change. This film aims to initiate just such a revolution.

2. O-Rings: Sensory Learning Playthings

Kids lose themselves in imaginative play, when they are engaging with new things and exploring the world around them ­ they are learning, but to them it is simply playing. O-Rings toys foster open-ended play to build creativity in all kids.

3. A Beatbox and Self Expression Program for Blind Students

Musical self-expression program using beatboxing as the creative medium for students who are blind and/or have multiple disabilities.

4. Spectrum Keys: Visual Tools to Support Children with Autism

Spectrum Keys was created by a teacher to help parents and educators implement research- driven tools that build communication and social skills of children on the autistic spectrum.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Benefit from a Visually Structured Environment.

5. The EdMod App-An innovative mobile app for teachers & special education students

The EdMod Mobile App is designed to provide strategies based on the specific needs of every student. Teachers can track strategies to efficiently decide what works best for each unique need in their classroom…INSTEAD of wasting time scouring the internet, books, or journals for resources and ideas. As a result, teachers can finally start implementing those techniques and serving students.


Lauren Lewis

Written on June 10, 2014 by:

Lauren Lewis began working at the Friendship Circle in May 2012 as the Communications and Event Coordinator. After participating in Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan and meeting some amazing kids with special needs, Lauren fell in love with the cause and never stopped advocating. When not at the Friendship Circle, she is wearing maize and blue and enjoying life in Detroit. You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn.