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College Application Process for Students with Learning Disabilities

Its back to school season for students with learning disabilities,  the process of applying for college can be even more nerve-wracking than usual, here are three considerations of things to remember:

Disclosure of Disability

One of the big questions for college applicants with learning disabilities is whether or not to disclose this fact in college applications. This is a personal choice that depends on individual circumstances, but there are reasons why disclosure makes sense much of the time. One thing to think about is whether the student’s academic record would benefit from interpretation in the light of the learning difference. Context is important, and if irregularities in academic performance are in part due to factors outside the student’s control, that is important information for admissions staff to know.

Asking for Accommodations

Students should be aware that many colleges provide accommodations for people with diagnosed learning disabilities. In order to take advantage of these accommodations, students need to be proactive. Disclosing the disability during the admissions process is only the first step. Students will need to provide current and complete information about their diagnosis and meet with the appropriate staff members to discuss what accommodations will be necessary. Ideally, a meeting like this should take place before applying, so the student can learn how open the institution is to providing accommodations.

Scholarships and Resources

It is important to know that many scholarships and other resources exist for college students with learning disabilities. Two sources for more information are listed below:

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