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How Birdhouse Can Help Make Autism Easier!

It’s been a little over a year since Birdhouse For Autism first appeared on the Friendship Circle blog as a concept, and since then a tremendous amount of progress has been made!

Based on the fabulous feedback we got from Friendship Circle blog readers, as well as speaking with families near and far raising kids with ASD, we’ve launched a website and iPhone app that work together specifically for parents to manage their children’s care.

Like so many other families, we were using a combination of paper notebooks, calendars, address books, notes apps, and other rudimentary tools to track behaviors and stay on top of everything our girl was up to– therapies, supplements, moods, etc– trying to figure out what was actually helping and what wasn’t. That’s how Birdhouse was born.

We built Birdhouse to help families regain control. By keeping everything in one place and making it really easy to do so, Birdhouse becomes an invaluable resource for families intent on helping their children reach their highest potential.


Track your child’s activity across a variety of variables throughout each day; what time they wake up and fall asleep, when they take certain meds or supplements and engage in which therapies, how they’re feeling, when they use the bathroom, and info on any meltdowns that occur. Easily see days or a whole week at a glance, and use the search to find specific information from weeks past.


Store information on medications, supplements, vitamins, probiotics in Birdhouse. Give them recurring schedules so they’ll appear automatically in your child’s activity feed, and all you’ll have to do is mark that they’ve been given each day. This way, you’ll have an ongoing record of medication histories and the reasons they were prescribed. You can do the same with therapies and record notes from the therapists involved.


“I’m tracking, I’m managing… now what?” you ask? This is where the beauty of Birdhouse comes through, and what we’re focused on in our future. Being able to identify patterns and correlations in your child’s behavior enables you to make more informed decisions about their care. How a supplement might be affecting his sleep, or the factors surrounding her meltdowns, are insights that can be so hard to glean from a paper notebook. Birdhouse can help you find the triggers behind behaviors, and show you what’s helping and what needs to change.

More Features

We have a bright future ahead, too. We’re constantly building more features into Birdhouse to make it increasingly valuable for your family. Current projects on the horizon are building more features into our iPhone app, collaboration support (which would allow you to invite your spouse, therapists, teacher, and perhaps even your doctor into your Birdhouse) and the ability to connect with other parents who are also using Birdhouse for the purposes of learning what’s worked for others as well as sharing tips and advice.

We encourage you to create an account at (it’s free to sign up!) and let us know how it works for your family. We’re always talking with our users and learning what we can do to make Birdhouse even more helpful. Find us on our live chat, send us an email, or even give us a call. We’re here to help!
*Birdhouse is a supporter of  Friendship Circle’s Walk4Friendship

About The Author
Ben Chutz is Cofounder and CEO at Birdhouse for Autism. He’s wingman to Dani Gillman (Cofounder and Director of Marketing at Birdhouse) and helps to raise Dani’s 8-year-old daughter, who lives with ASD. Ben is an accomplished musician, avid cyclist, and lover of great coffee.

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